Translation of Stan's Videos


Translation of Stan's Videos
« on December 22nd, 2011, 01:18 AM »
Hy guys!!
I´m a Spanish guy and i´m translating Stan´s videos to help to spread the word to Spanish talking people.
Well this is my youtube channel:
In all my videos i´m putting info about alexpetty,Russ,globalkast etc...
The one that i´m translating now is the Stanley Meyer 1992 Global Sciences Congress.
"epgsetsusfree" is giving me a big hand with the transcription of the videos. He sent me this document with almost all the text.[attachment=643]
The transcription is the most difficult thing for me so,if anyone want to be involved helping me with this video or another will be very welcome!
We are planning to translate the newzealand video but the audio is very bad and will be a hard task!
All together we can do amazing things!!
Thanks to the people that is getting involved, I´m enjoying with this proyect!!