Tesla-inspired self-resonance system.


Tesla-inspired self-resonance system.
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I have done an extensive research on the subject of Nikola Tesla and his famous Tesla Transformers.
I advise everyone to read the first chapter of Secrets of Cold War Technology by Gerry Vassilatos

It is a little conspirological and bias but less so than the official academia explanation of Tesla's work.
Tesla is very dangerous to the oil-driven national-capitalism today maybe more than when he lived.
We are forced to consume oil in almost every instance of our existence and oil is heavily taxed anlong with our health and the environment we live in. Academia lives off the state capitalism system so it will always venerate the status quo and will never address Tesla physics directly. (Read Kapital Vol 1) We have to do it for it to serve us.

The Objective

The secondary of a Tesla Transformer is a resonator. It "rings" like a bell. In an ordinary hobbyist transformer, the Secondary rings for a while. than the amplitude decays, than another discharge occurs, secondary rings, the process continues.

One problem that is not addressed is interference within the resonator. There is oscillation already, it is decaying. We want to add more energy via a narrow pulse. When do we "hit" so energy of our pulse adds to the energy of the system, creating a Constructive Interference? If we hit at the wrong time that we create Destructive Interference and subtract the energy. If we do it at random, we may have a 50/50 success rate or some other success rate controlled by forces of nature we don't understand.

Don't forget about these: Damped Harmonic Oscillation Theory
I am not smart enough to design the perfect analog side of the circuit.

Tesla Coil hobbyists all over the world started to realize the importance of the Phase Locked Loop system in Tesla Transformer drivers. PLL approaches well outlined.

This is like timing ignition in a gasoline engine. There is a right time to ignite the combustible mixture at different engine speed.

So I looked at several Tesla Transformer PLL designs.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnLZ4qc0H_E (Polish)
http://lulabs.net/ (English , Open Source) (*) -- chris(at)lulabs.net
http://rfhv.com/ (English , Open Source) (*)   -- cr99991(at)gmail.com
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgUwXvgNkHQJTJv_yAykeYWwEgVMa8-an (Russian)

I made a mistake of writing to some people (*) and saying that I am a "free energy researcher". So I was viewed as a lunatic. explainable. Not all PLL Tesla Coil enthusiasts "believe" in "free energy". But we may need their ideas.

I want to develop a purely digital PLL system to test Tesla, Kapanadze, Akula0083 claims.
Both, the timing of the coil excitation and drain of the (excess) EMF have to be precisely controlled. Controlled bridge rectifiers are more efficient than ordinary diode ones.

Damped oscillation theory has to be implemented.

Hardware and what I would like to see

I also want to use Flat PCB printed bifilar coils stacked together and tied with threaded rods as a primary. There may need to be a tap to give different RCL properties to the exciter and to the EMF power harvesting system.

The system needs a friendly I/O for the experimenter to control key variables. The excitation of the Tesla Secondary should not occur every oscillation of the Tesla Secondary, but every N number of oscillations. However the pulse has to be precisely positioned.

To make things easier I would like to drive the system with a single FPGA/processor controlled semiconductor or arc discharge device. (no half-bridge or full bridge systems) But to harvest the back EMF, I would like to use a full-bridge, controlled rectifier. I can elaborate on my logic here.

Other Thoughts - Don't discuss here - Off topic

Other things I have engaged in the past are documented with videos.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aQS8Hxe4Z4#ws -- has a cousin

I "beleive" that it works but obtained no "free energy"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSn4ucnUwrA#ws -- linear system worked but rotary system had too much friction in the bearing. Also it hadno rolling effect as with the roller in the linear. Failed to spin, wasted a lot of money on magnets, even bought a 3D printer, don't have enough resources to build a real test jig that can rotate itself

I also think that there is link between toroid formations that some researchers claim to be capable of the reverse entropy and the Maxwell's Demon thought experiment. Research this. Very interesting idea to look into. Not my idea.

I live in Frederick MD, USA. A rather limiting, rather small town. My health is not great either.


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Picture you posted, What is it about? It's all in Russian! And what is it you trying to do? Can you be more specific?


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I want a high-resolution FPGA-based platform that could be used to create generators to drive Tesla trensformers and other experimental setups.

This generator should make a very precise decision on when to release a short burst of current and voltage and to excite the Secondary on a Tesla Transformer.

May also be useful for all those "ferroresonance" theories.

This will be the heart of the free enegy research.


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Another practical idea sitting in the bin here.......