Permanent Magnet Embedded Transformer Cores


Permanent Magnet Embedded Transformer Cores
« on December 19th, 2014, 04:34 AM »
With my Arduino VIC Resonator hooked to my Rotoformer pulse motor, I did some tests with the rotor in different stationary positions.  There is a curious amplification effect when the magnetic polarity of the primary coils and the magnets are opposing.  I looked around to see if anyone has ever put magnets in a transformer core and found this long thread at

I haven't had the time to read the entire thread, but looks like they are using a similar idea.  When they are talking about Lead-Out Energy, do they mean BEMF or something else?
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OK, so i read a hand full more pages.  Sounds like they were expecting over unity by putting magnets in the core.  I sure am not seeing anything that could qualify as over unity, but it seems I get a higher secondary output than my coil turns ratio permits. 

Now the neat thing about the Rotoformer, is that it is using Stan's pulse indicator circuit as a trigger.  I purposely tuned the pickup coil to try to ignore the pulses in the core that were generated by the primary coils.  While the pickup coil ignored the primary pulses, it still could read the induced magnetism from the passing neo magnets with no problem.  The magnets did not have to move very fast either, swinging it with your hand triggered the system just fine. 

So with my magnets arranged in between dual primary coils, and positioned so that they were opposing the primary coil magnetic fields, I'm basically cancelling out the permanent magnetic field each time the primary coils pulse.  When the primary coils de-energize, the magnets send a quick pulse through the core inducing voltage to every coil on the core.  Have my permanent magnets become a "virtual primary coil" and the primary coils just become a magnetic field diverter?  :thinking:


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need to see your set up in motion, do u have a uploaded youtube vid?
hard to guess what the setup is, and operation without seeing in action.
because there is a lagg time from the coil on, and off it may be something fishy like that.
show us a vid. neo is also a conductor, and if u load it with flux, then it has to go somewhere when the flux is turned off.


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I had an idea... but its probably already been tried... or is someone else's idea...

Its to make an electro magnet that's reversed in a way I guess. So the naturally magnetic material in the center creates an electron flow through the wires as opposed to a battery making electrons flow which make a magnetic field.

Basic Diagram...

I mean... in theory it should work unless im totally missing something...

For instance it worked once and produced 1.5 volts with like barely any amps...

I have another version of it I keep "Forgetting" to build... and Russ would know why I keep forgetting to do it... normally i want nothing more than to work on this stuff but I think somethings brainwashing me... but im already labeled as paranoid schitzo-affective... whatever...