Fluidum Continuum Universalis


Fluidum Continuum Universalis
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Grab it while its still up. Re-distribute on all places possible.

Fluidum Continuum Universalis
Part I
Introduction In Fluid Mechanical Physics
Arie M. DeGeus
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
September, A.D. 2000

"This guy has it right! I especially love his treatment of super-luminal particle dynamics at back of non-linear phenomena; it's dead on.
This document, and the work that will (I hope) grow from it over time, is what the future of science must build upon. I hope that one day his proposed re-visitation of the Michelson–Morley experiment can be carried out!
Great find Shek.

also attached:

Matt Watts

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Good stuff.

Over at OUR a group has been converting a bunch of Arie's best Dutch patents to English.  This guy really knew his stuff.