mind is sexy

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mind is sexy
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Fukushima and our global situation in general are 2 of many good reasons why we should start to focus our awareness towards the superior capability of human mind now:


so why not  unlock your potential today?

... there is no healthy other way to go ...
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Carl Sagan at 4:18 min. "... School system has an attitude of discouragement asking fundamental questions ..."

Carl Sagan at 10:10 min. " ...who made the universe and who made the makers? ..."

let´s unleash our minds and accept that consciousness (and we are a part of that) is located outside the universe.
that is the reason why remote viewing, telepathy and telekinesis work.

we are part of the creator - but we don´t acknowledge that fact.

neglecting that fact we will create our extinction.
accepting that fact will change our behaviour and habits. then THRIVE will unfold.

where can we get orientation?

once more - our mind gives us the answers

Carl Sagan at 48:00 min.

it´s known for more than 25 years now! cooperation of intellect and subconscious mind.

Try it, it works :cool:

Matt Watts

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