Doug Coulter of Floyd


Doug Coulter of Floyd
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Hi All, my first post... thought I would share a recent article I came across...
Doug Coulter of Floyd, Virginia, lives in the woods in what he calls a “libertarian communism” community where he spends much of his life inventing and innovation in his home work shop.

What Doug has developed can be a game changer when it comes to providing the world’s electricity. He claims that,

“If this works, I’m about to anger several trillion dollar a year businesses.”

These businesses include gas and electric utilities and Big Oil companies.

Doug claims to be on the verge of cracking what has stumped scientists for decades: nuclear fusion. Doug runs an open source forum for scientists and engineers, where he got much of the research needed to crack this priceless problem. He says that once his nuclear fusion reactor is complete, it too will be open source so that anyone living anywhere will have access to the technology. Watch this video to see what he is up to:
Doug's Videos:

YouTube Video

Front Shielding Complete

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Welcome aboard scorpydude!

Too bad this old guy is clear on the other side of the country from me, I'd sure like to go meet him.  Seems to me it would be impossible to come back home without learning a ton of stuff you could get no where else.


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Wow, nice post. Why haven't I seen this guy! ;) never ending positive people in this world! Love it! Welcome glad your here,



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Please be very careful with Nuclear Fusion... I know people have theree reasons explaining why it is safe, but your dealing with the power of stars, if fusion works the way I think in order to create the energy were looking for there is no half fusion reaction, once its fusion it is fusion and will just continue to grow much like a star. I am warning you that there are much safer alternatives. Fusion should be reserved for the future in future space endeavors and be done out in space, not on earth.
Posted: November 12th, 2014, 06:59 AM

Also, I'm about to post a topic discussing the various Moral dilemmas I am currently facing with my technological studies for energy advancement or whatever you want to call it... The truth is, just as a Nuclear bombs dangerous, so is methods of generating high levels of energy, Please do not come in here yelling at me to go read up on physics more and blah blah blah. I've been wikipediaing the living daylights out of this topic for almost 6 years now and have been thinking about it since like age 8 when I thought we could power cars using compressed air....

I might not have time to post this today because I have to go get a health issue checked out and have a busy day lined up.

I am very close to unlocking the power of the earths core, that generates the magnetic field that creates Magnetite over millions of years by realignment of the atoms to create there magnetic fields and believe I have figure out a way to set up a controlled demagnetization state in which the energy from the magnetic field change is collected and store in small amounts over time, but on larger scales it could power entire cities with much larger systems.

There are no broken physics laws, it all follows conservation of energy. The morale dilemma I am facing is, how do we make it available for everyone at the cost that it should be. I am not looking for money for my research, I am looking for peace, and access to fresh water for 3rd world countries which can use these devices to run miniature distillation units on any body of nearby water and then use other methods to test for the presence of chemicals and then find other ways of removing those.

If this works it means complete automotive capability of food production and processing around the world with no carbon foot print. It also means we can begin running air filtration units across the globe with no environmental impact that I have discovered yet.

I always privately knew world war three would be very different kind of war, this is an information war, and I think this tech is already out there classified because it means they have to spend lots of money to change everything and abandon their precious oil profits, means oil stocks drop over night etc etc... its messed up but thats how the people running our countries think.... they are unwilling to make sacrifices, and we are currently storming the 2 dimensional beaches of Normandy within the information super highway. Call me dramatic I call it just being creative, I spent alot of time in art and enjoy writing and being poetic occasionally so sue me.

By the way my name is also Doug... hah