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Top of Thread Will Change to current Event

Current is Max Miller  Stan Meyer Basic 8xa 9 xa  B and 10 xa  Etc

in  October 2014 Ohio


lots of people been asking me for this, here it comes

Together Home Builders Globally Make Change Up stoppable. 

Please Support where you can .

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So If you coming from Outside you Need Visa, get minimum 30 days tourist visa, some countries get 90. you need to do that now, as it takes time and must be done correct.
Some Countries are on Visa Waiver program so if you are, than learn about that on line you need to book and pay the $10 before 1 month at least.

Since Max will wake you up at 4 am I suggest you get your own accommodation far away from Max!!

If your not a fan of Motel 6 $50 a night than I suggest a RV or
Stay in Town Maybe max can suggest a place with good food beyond a dennys etc,

If you want to land San Fran La or west coast and get a rental car cool, try Enterprise car rent at most airports, book ahead on line and you get better deals and treatment,
you will need paid valid travel insurance medical which cover car rental. So that is a MUST HAVE for every one. Check Amex INsurance carrier in your country they are good recognised and pay.

You can get international flight easy but allow 3 days, try southwest, united, etc, there are buses and train ,

maybe you usa guys can list here as
forget the names of them all, and they change many are advanced and pretty cool now with online web booking and wifi etc,

$ 2000 usa Cash minimum in your pocket beyond hotel and food. which you pre pay, at very least pre pay 3 night at airport hotel when you land, do not expect rental companies to give you
a brand new car when you come off a 12 hr + flight, rest first.

So Wow it adds up fast? What to Do, Well I suggest you hit 2 birds 1 stone, get a mini rv

Try Apollo, Cruise America or Cool Campers, etc I have used all of these and they are good best is Cruise America for well maintained rig with full kits and service
just walk in and leep drive and enjoy allow 1 full day to pick it up relax learn the rig and get the training than you free

Spend 2-3 before event screwing around on way from airport to maxes, than register at a Ohio RV Park, stay THERE!!
and drive to maxes for the 1-2 days etc, After you free to have a Holiday
in your own rv any where you want to go.

I can offer more tips but I think Max and other will have some too.

Favorite places to Eat that are American Funny if you too lazy to go to Cost co or Farmer joes etc to buy food to cook in rv

Denny diners 24 hr
Pollo loco
Carls Jr !!

MObile Phones you can get from any walgreens 24 hr pharmacy - along with internet sim and usd
BUy the $100 phone with unlimited calls and buy the $50-$100 usd with unlimited internet, can buy many brands virgin is 3-4g now

Pack your tablet or iphone, as you will use google map endlessly.

If you have a girl pack her too. Make sure she speaks english ,
knows how to make breakfast and cook, and use a iphone for mapping

Make sure she never sees dosn't ever see K mart, walmart or bed bath and beyond you you will come back broke.

I personally will Try to get there but need to sell more to save the Dosh,




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Thanks Dan,
So the question is, who is going?



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So Far it is A Good Line up,

 I will try to Attend Costs for me is rather high to do so but I will make the effort,
list Includes several well known names, it is time for us to  advance on it further.

Max is Open to direct contact and is welcoming every one
 speakers and industry members for details

Max has Done some cool things with the circuits I recommend this one
as a Very good one to strengthen knowledge and direction..

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PIN IT and Share it BABY !
Book tickets and pack a lunch!

Email Updated