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As a way to help presenting the development of a build or a project we can now offer a safe haven for you in the form of a workbench, to all members who would like to have the opportunity to regulate the presentation of the progress at hand.
In practice, what this means is that you will get your very own subforum which you will be able to moderate any way you see fit.
You can add however many projects and build threads you like, with or without separate associated discussion threads, you can edit/delete/move/merge/split posts and threads any way you want, it's totally up to you what you want to do with your own workbench (subforum).

Mind you, you still have to abide to forum rules and regulations, which for example means that you can't edit other members posts any way you like, you can however choose to move or even delete others posts, including staff members posts, you will not be held accountable for this in any way, shape or form, except of course if it is breaking a standard forum rule, something which staff will have the final say about, without exception.

If you would like to get you own bench simply drop a note to our admin, Russ.
You can either choose to start your benching with a brand new build or project or request one of your existing builds found in the forum to be transferred to your bench.

You can send a PM to Russ here.

As the benches are strictly for builds and projects, "regular" unrelated topics are still to be posted in the open forum, we don't want your bench to become your own private forum in which you are the sole moderator (bar the staff of course).

So welcome to your own workbench :-)

-OSE Staff
Re: Benches
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Now there's also a dedicated place in the bench area for all benchowners to address all and any issues there may be regarding their benches, all benchowners should have gotten a PM about this.