How to work with your mind and heart on yourself.


How to work with your mind and heart on yourself.
« on January 5th, 2014, 11:34 AM »
Hi folks,
Some say, straight to the doctor. I say, you have to know what you want and then do it. I dont recomment anything, just inform you.
Others say, reincarnation therapie is the thing.
For the next it is the emotional freedom technic.
Some knows about the russian healing technics too.
Well everything has limitations, and could be used in a varitie of situations, but not in all of them. Thats the first thing. Most proffesional in this area knows that and combine this methods which might help most.

But often is a leck of understanding, how the hole thing works.
A client told me after she done the russian technic everything gotten worse.
As explanation, this technics use often the point before the cause of the symptoms.
There is a little problem with that. If the real cause, which is an learning effort isn't done, well then you recreate a cause to learn what you want to learn.
We want to evolve and we can only evolve when we learn.
But here is the trick, when you know this, everything other thing comes in handy, because, you can understand what to do and that you wnat to learn something.

Hope my english wasn't to bad. :)

Light, Love and Peace inside you.


RE: How to work with your mind and heart on yourself.
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I believe applied kinesiology is priceless in any energy work.

with it you can communicate to your higher self and ask " Is it safe and appropriate to do this work". and get a yes or no answer.