Rife Machine? Anyone has one?


Rife Machine? Anyone has one?
« on January 3rd, 2014, 01:03 PM »
Does anyone have a rife machine they bought? If so how well does it work? Since so many online seems to say some work better than others and the calibration for some are different which will not be accurate. Also the prices are so high it is as if they do not want to sell.

Matt Watts

RE: Rife Machine? Anyone has one?
« Reply #1, on January 3rd, 2014, 01:49 PM »
I haven't purchased one, but supposedly there is a BCX beam-tube variant that is excellent.  This type unlike the kinds that run through your entire body are for localized ailments, which is why I was interested--joint pain, ear ache, tooth ache and the like.  Who knows, maybe it would even work as a hydrogen gas processor.  hehe.


RE: Rife Machine? Anyone has one?
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It seems that costs over $2,500, and then the other accessories which can double the price. Let alone no guarantee it will work on what you need it for which is what it comes down to it.

The fear of wasting a lot of money for something you don't have faith to feel that takes more priority than food. LOL

Well I guess it is a start on what to think about on what might be good.


RE: Rife Machine? Anyone has one?
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I have built many Rife machines and shipped them all over the united states.
 They are fairly simple to make and the cost for materials can range from 200 to 700 dollars.
If you would like schematics and parts lists, you can find several robust systems at royalrife.com

 one of the nice things about them they can also be used as a frequency input for Rodin or ABHA coils, but you have to watch your voltage output. Some of these machines can put out 20,000 or more volts, and it will fry most coils if you are not careful.

hope this helps



RE: Rife Machine? Anyone has one?
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Thanks for the information. But it still seems pricy when going on the site and making one is not as easy as it sounds.
Has anyone every used it for anything to see if one gets a herx (die off) reaction?  
Also would some say all work just as good cheap or expensive?
Do any moderators have it that can mail so I can test it out? LOL Well I had to ask.