Pyramids and Nikola Tesla

Jeff Nading

Pyramids and Nikola Tesla
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Here is a video of Nikola Tesla - The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt,very interesting to watch.:D

Matt Watts

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Quote from Jeff Nading on December 31st, 2013, 08:25 PM
Here is a video of Nikola Tesla - The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt,very interesting to watch.:D
Yes, quite interesting.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out some day the same folks that brought us Fukushima are ancestors to those that wiped out these ancient civilizations.  You know history repeats itself.  Think of the Hindu Kali Yuga.


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People seem to de-evolve in a way. lol

The city of Atlantis was destroyed.
Some modern historians called Ancient Greece not as smart for not using certain things, but they did not say how can we do it but should we do it. Just cause someone thing is impressive in its technical capabilities that people have not seen, like a electric dildo going into a time warp 1000 years ago does not mean the people should line up and use it. Or even a radiation plant near the cost on a fault line in Japan!!! by allegedly smart people that came up with the many electronics like the Nintendo, Japanese cartoon porn??, tv shows called spot the virgin by sleeping with her to see if she is, or o never mind I never want to visit Japan... does not mean we should do it... the technology I mean. lol

I don't get why they didn't make another arc... unless the architect did not leave blue prints. The blue prints are described in the Old Testament and it seems almost obvious that it was stolen since it did not even say what it was used for or how to be used. So the story does fit. And just because it looks like a box does not mean it was used as a tomb since their is no inscription on it. It was interesting.

Anyway the Sphinx is older than the pyramid, which was even unknown even when the pyramids were made. I am still curious to know what is under the foot of the sphinx, which I do not get why they wont open the chamber. Maybe the truth is scarier than fiction.

We have technology to radio control devices, with cameras, to be small, etc. So why not have like a radio controlled sand worm LOL.

Site Note on japan which BBC stated
"I gave away vouchers for free STD tests to girls, and found that 82% them were infected. "It's incredible. I suspect a lot of them may have HIV as well." In Japan, sex has become a freely-traded commodity, seemingly unconstrained by moral concerns."
that was like 10 years old article and now many do not have sex or have kids to go to other extreme side. Maybe the games got better for them to be better consumers. The cultural ignorance of their actions have caused Fukashima on why it was built, where it was built, how it failed, and how it is being tested. But that's my opinion only. Never mind the emperor of japan wanted to be the only one worshiped and killed every christian convert he could get his hands on