HHO /Hydrogen Electrolyser Accelerator Pedal and Controllers


HHO /Hydrogen Electrolyser Accelerator Pedal and Controllers
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In the Section we introduce you to connecting to your cars existing digital electronic accelerator pedal control to a secondary motor controller which we use to connect to the electrolyzer to raise or lower hydrogen production on demand when you press or release the pedal.  

One of these controller was built into Stan Meyers GMS Unit which controlled the injectors and ignition timing as well this GMS unit it now replaced by standard or after market ECU's and one can add a lpg ECU and modify it easily.

If you have a Car or motor motor bike with without this control you can easily and readily buy them now.  The are not expensive and in ready off the shelf availability globally.
Several builders have used these software controlled accelerator controllers on  already existing car  stock digital electronic pedals to add the controller as a ideal way to raise or lower electrolyzer hydrogen on demand gas production when they press the accelerator and than reduce as they release the pedal.

This is very basic and well developed technology which is off the shelf and available globally.  

You can Search The items on the web
motor controllers which are software program able for speed torque amp curves

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It important to select a motor controller which can have some synergy with air control
here is one example

Electrolyzer controller


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