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Quote from Rwg42985 on September 29th, 2011, 09:18 PM
Hey guys. This is some intresring stuff. Please watch and discuss these videos. Also post anything relevant.

These are just some of the videos from this user. I suggest you watch more!

Thanks ! ~Russ
Yes, I saw the 2nd video first already then watched a few more. I predict 5lbs of 30ga in my near future. :cool:


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Hi Russ,

All video's are gone i see.
This is interesting.
Been thinking about it and one could make a self runner with this technique.

The idea:

Build a pulse motor, spin up to above 2000 rpm
Then introduce a shorted high impedance coil with core in the spinning circuit.
If all is well, the system speeds up.
Then shut down input on the pulse coil.

Voila.. self running on the delayed lenz effect .

Cons. You need to have to layers of magnets.

1- all facing same pole out for the pulse motor.
2. all magnets positioned N-S-N-S etc. for the delayed lenz coil.

Take care that the flux fields of magnets and coils don't interfear with each other.



Matt Watts