VIC "Tesla Choke" "Tesla's Regenerative Effect"


VIC "Tesla Choke" "Tesla's Regenerative Effect"
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HI Every one ,

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I have found this post and is is alittle out of the box

so I have copied it here it realtes to vic and some of the theory is very interesting.

the point is new comer start with our advance knowledge and see things clearer,
here is a good example as it helps as react fast .


and offer you feed back if relevant or not to VIC Hurdles.

Note I have not edited it it is cut straight off youtube, but I will
but need rest now.
Published on Mar 7, 2013​

The key to the Stanley Meyer fuel cell lies in the "Tesla Choke" that uses "Tesla's Regenerative Effect" to effectively recycle charge by recycling the Back EMF of each + pulse to add to the next + pulse. This regenerative effect in resonance essentially cascades the input charges to 1000's of volts greater than what you actually input into the water capacitor.​

I use a Torroidal Core 1.50 inch in diameter, 0.25 inch thick, 200 turns of 24 gauge wire, 600 turns of 36 gauge wire with a blocking diode to isolate the impulses. I feed this torroid with a rectified 260 Volt Variac transformer switched using a circuit and only use about 110 Volts of this. I use a Stanley Meyer Capacitance calculator (WFC v1.0) and then use an online Tesla Inductance and Capacitance equations calculator to determine the resonant frequency of my fuel cells.

The 1 amp is restricted on the Tesla Choke, consumed by a light bulb before entering the Fuel cell and lastly is annihilated within the fuel cell itself because the input signal is 180 degree's out of phase in resonance. What your left with is PURE + & - charge without the magnetic (Amperage) stream. This pure charge without amperage is what rips apart the molecular structure of water gravitationally into its Hydrogen and Oxygen components.

The method of operation of a Fuel Cell is similar to Tesla's anti-gravity field theory that uses an EM gravitational field transmitted 180 degree's out of phase with the Earth's gravitational field creating a Standing-Wave that cancels out the effects of Earths-gravity on the craft allowing the craft to be magnetically repelled from the Earths magnetic field. In the case of a Fuel Cell the covalent bond that binds matter together is cancelled out within the fuel cell by using a resonant signal 180 degree's out of phase which simply switches off this covalent connection allowing the attraction of Pure + & - Charge without its magnetic-(current) losses to rip apart the water.

To cancel out:

Magnetism- the Hot electricity with its magnetic component passes itself at a 90 degree angle leaving only (Cold) pure charge without its radiating magnetic field component. Cold Electricity is also known as negative resistance.

Covalent Bond of matter- a pure charge Cold resonant signal is transmitted 180 degree's out of phase so that the signal passes each other at a 90 degree angle, pure charge can then rip apart matter into its elements.​

Gravity- the EM gravity field with its hot magnetic component is transmitted 180 degree's out of phase with the earths gravity field so that the signal passes each other at a 90 angle leaving the magnetic field of the craft to be repelled just like a magnet from the earths own magnetic field.

oddly enough the ancient figure 8 infinity symbol is featured in a Sanskrit Caduceus symbol that represents flight and a magical symbol attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism and is the staff held by the roman god mercury. This figure 8 symbol also sits at the base of baphomet (Satan) and also symbolizes the kundalini twin serpents. In the Judeo/Christian tradition kundalini is known as the Holy Spirit. God also told Moses "make thee a serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that everyone that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live". The Tao Te Ching teachings is best described by Lao Tze that describes kundalini as the "spirit of the valley" (in which flows the Nadi of Sushumna) a spiritual microcosm within that links us with the divine. Buddha speaks of the middle path through which the kundalini ascends. Later Buddhist masters considered this (8) to be the greatest secret.

It really is this SIMPLE, we can switch off a gravitational field, a covalent bond or the magnetic field. The weapons aspect of this type of technology is absolutely mind blowing!

I haven't upped the voltage in this demo because I know people will just kiss my ass to no end. This video only demo's negative resistance to show that it is possible to have a amperage restricted reaction... I don't give a Poo if anyone understands this simple tech.

The HOT magnetic component of electricity is what enslaves mankind. The only reason we have the magnetic component in our electricity grid is because it can be measured as it radiates a magnetic field. This radiated field is measured and this is how the power companies bill us. When you buy electricity you're actually paying for is its magnetic field losses to surrounding space- this was designed into the system more than 100 years ago so that our energy expenditure can be metered. There is a secondary function of radiating a magnetic field in that as we consume power we are radiating more losses to surrounding space, so we have to buy more power. For example the Pentium chip in your computer, as this heats up it actually becomes less efficient and consumes more electricity as it radiates more losses in the form of heat to surrounding space.

John Myatt


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    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago

    My profile picture is what your oscilloscope should show once you have a crusty coating on the inner tube. Its pathetically simple & is exactly the same as lightning. + Charge builds up a step charging effect until it overcomes the resistance of the water dielectric & discharges, at which point a + discharge will emanate from the inner negative tube- this Back EMF is captured on the Tesla Choke because of a blocking diode and is stored as flux on the ferrite core to be added to the next + pulse.​
    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago

    The crusty white crap that deposits itself on the inner tube is similar to the sulfidation of a battery. This crusty deposit is a Dipole that allows a Cold-Current device to run very efficiently but, inhibits current flow on devices that run on Hot-Current. The effect is called "Negative Resistance" & is described by Gabriel Kron, Deborah Chung & Alexander Chernetski. The signal is restricted on a Tesla Choke, consumed by a light bulb then annihilated being 180 degree out of phase in the cell.​
    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago


    Listen mate all you do is mea

sure the inductance of your coil and the capacitance of your cell then use an online Tesla frequency calculator to determine the resonant frequency. Once you've got your frequency,just buy a cheap frequency generator that generates that frequency range for $50.00 or use NCH software & use the audio signal to switch an SCR hooked up to a rectifier/variac transformer then you'd be able to switch the High Volts at whatever resonant frequency you wanted.
    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago

    Using a variable resistor on the Tesla Choke of Stanley Meyers "Voltage Intensifier Circuit" is even stated on Stanley Meyer Patents and is described in absolute detail.

    I really don't understand why other Stanley Meyer replicators miss this vital piece of information in their own Meyer cell replications.

Its like other Meyer cell technology replicators are not even trying or attempting to achieve an over unity fuel cell, so whats the point of building a Meyer resonant fuel cell to begin with?​
    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago

    Some people think that I'm 10 years ahead of everyone. All you do is have two oscilloscopes, one on the input and one on the output. You dial into that resonant sweet spot that you'd calculated earlier and measure the output on the oscilloscope.

    In order to achieve over-unity, all you do is while measuring the input signal, you reduce the resistance of that input signal just like Stanley Meyer. Your input signal while in resonance can be reduced to up to one fifth of the original input signal.​

Published on 9 Mar 2013

Resonance occurs when the capacitive reactance (or 1 over 2π fc) is equal to the inductive reactance (2 πfl). That's when the phase between voltage and current is equal to zero. So it's a resistive circuit that runs cold because there is no current flow. Theoretically you could just buy a cheap 45 watt solar panel and produce up to 10KWatts of electricity by cascading the output. If you want to replicate this circuit just use online Tesla calculators.

This WFC v1.0 software is available all over the internet for free. All you do is use WFC to calculate the capacitance of your fuel cell then you measure its inductance of your coil. You then take the capacitance and the inductance values and use an online Tesla resonance calculator to determine the resonant frequency of your fuel cell. Tesla's regenerative effect is merely taking the back EMF recycling it and adding it to the next + Positive pulse at resonance.

Tesla's capacitance and inductance calculation is used in so many other devices to determine their resonant frequency.

For example Bruce De-Palmers "N" Machine and Paul Baumann Testatika Machine also uses resonance to extract energy from the local environment to power their devices.

The "N" Machines output from the rim charges a capacitor array. Bruce De-Palmer merely took the inductance measurement from the "N" Machine rotating at around 7000rpm and the capacitance measurement from his capacitor array to determine the resonant frequency.

Once the capacitor array are fully charged for FREE the machines output will begin to oscillate at the pre-calculated resonant frequency so that once energy is removed from the device the Faraday Disc acts like a giant braking mechanism like that which is used as a brake on locomotives.

So what De-Palmer did was he only extracted energy on the + half wave of the pre-calculated resonant frequency so that the "N" machine acted like a Tesla coil receiver. It is from the "N" machine that the term Zero-Point energy was termed. Also Paul Baumann's Testatika also uses the same Tesla resonance equations in a similar way.



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    joe blo

    joe blo 3 days ago

    There's no point in sharing any information online, like Pythagoras- only share insights & let other people make their own conclusions. I think another analogy for Tesla/ Meyer standing wave frequency is much like our reality- the meditative stillness of an infinite mind that without space & time is like dropping a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples emanate, the vibrations being our conscious reality of the now. I am infinite consciousness experiencing the illusion of this space & time
    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago

    Retards think cascading charge to 1000's of Volts is impossible. An analogy is pulse a coil & collect the Back EMF & store it in a capacitor then add this stored energy to the next + pulse to double the power output.

    I merely do this 1000's of times per second, this is called fractioning & involves storing that recycled energy in a ferrite core to be added to the next + pulse at resonance. This is how a Tesla coil recycles charge- I merely use the Tesla Regenerative effect to power my Fuel Cell
    joe blo

    joe blo 1 month ago

    I didn't invent this method of recycling charge, neither did Stanley Meyer. The Tesla Choke/Meyer Voltage Intensifier Circuit is really Tesla's "Electrical Igniter for Gas Engines" patent no 609 250 of August 1898. This has been classified for more than 100 years and was only ever used in Fords original Model T. Since then the capacitance/inductance resonant effect was removed from the ignition coil that we have today. This device that I use to power my fuel cells is actually illegal to own/use.

    I don't show anyone my fuel cell anymore because once people know they'll never Flack Off. I'd prefer if other people bought a 9XB Circuit that switches an SCR transistor to pulse a Variac with no -negative resistance/resonance effects.


​    The secret to building a resonant fuel cell is:

    The negative tube must have a dielectric coating.

    The Charging Circuit is an LC circuit- resonance occurs between the secondary coil and the water capacitor- the extra inductors are used to limit the current to protect the circuit from shorting out since impendance is lowest at resonance.


To acheive parametric resonance the capacitance must decrease & the frequency must be double the resonant frequency of the circuit.

patent attached

Video Posts

Tesla Patents;

Tesla Coil

Matt Watts

RE: VIC "Tesla Choke" "Tesla's Regenerative Effect"
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I've heard a lot of talk about "Cold Current" and based on Ed Leedskalnin's description of electricity, there probably exists such phenomena.  I think the major problem is that cold current isn't something we can measure with a volt/amp meter or oscilloscope.  So the question is, how do we improve a circuit when we are completely blind to what is really going on inside it?  Certainly if you hook up any electrolysis cell to it and gas production is happening yet you see no current on the amp meter, then you are probably doing something right, but if you see nothing, then what?  How do you adjust?  Which way?

Imagine for a minute I take a block of wood and hammer in two nails, then using jumper wires connect one nail to one side of your WFC and the other nail to the other side.  When I make that last connection, your WFC starts to bubble like crazy.  Would you have any clue as to how this is working?  Now suppose I do the same thing only no bubbles come out of the WFC.  Must be the WFC is shorted out because I know the block of wood, the nails and the jumper wires are good.  See what I mean here?  We are chasing ghosts.  We have got to get down to the fundamentals and figure out how it works, a way to measure it and then apply what we all learn to solve the WFC and many other energy devices.

I do tend to get so sick of those folks on the other forums spouting how they know how it works and it's easy.  They know squat or they could explain it perfectly in a ten minute video with a whiteboard.  Somebody please find me some old humble guy that does know how it works and can communicate that information so the rest of us can start working on it.  I'm not ranting at you Dan.  You know what I mean.  It's just real hard.  We are so close and yet so far away at the same time.


RE: VIC "Tesla Choke" "Tesla's Regenerative Effect"
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Yes It is hard to navigate , and hard work to keep it simple.

there is a change of information tat stan had in his head, and I believe we have really gotten through alot of it.


I read to that stan was using pwn on the motor of to control rpr of alternator.
once speed was right he didn't pulse alternator but used it to inhibit amps.

I can't help but think that the core was magnets and he was fluxing of spinning magnets to flux the outer coil> similar to convection heater video
and running high voltage from the varic through out coils .

Than I think about the vic and ledskin magnet etc and if voltage is going though it
pehaps he was just fluxing the vic in a similar way.

I would like to find infor on the Alternator again
what Exact output he had from it

and how it was wired I think it would be would while to get people working on that seperatly to try things  .  

Was it dc in dc out
any comment welcome on it post info here and
I will find and move to thread again



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