Chemtrails..Light up those flaming arrows...

Matt Watts

Chemtrails..Light up those flaming arrows...
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In just less than 30 minutes, I think you'll see there is a ton of work to be done.  And if you choose not to do it, you won't be doing much of anything, because your planet will be gone.  FOREVER.

So light those flaming arrows and get to the people that are enabling this and convince them to change their ways.


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Yes this is quite the topic to be addressed. He is very knowledgeable about the topic.

I havn't talked about the work I do with you guys yet. I am trained in a process called Psych-K.

You can check out this video to see how powerful and quickly it works.

With Psych-K we have a surrogation technique where we can work a a person/animal/plant or entity that is not present. Last night I did a bunch of work on this problem, i did surrogations on a bunch of different people, like pilots and commanders in charge, and the entity itself.

I will hopefully tell you guys more about my Psych-K Experiences soon. Hopefully it doesn't sound to crazy. But I guarantee this stuff is for real.


Matt Watts

RE: Light up those flaming arrows...
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Doesn't sound crazy to me, sounds a little like Remote Viewing/Influence under another name.  General Bert Stubblebine swears by its effectiveness.  I sincerely hope you can get into the heads of these enablers.  Get them to quit their jobs and do something else to help the planet, not destroy it.

I have said for quite some time, if we cannot stop this chemical spraying, this one thing, all other causes are lost.  When I finally see blue skies again, that will give me hope.  Hope that we can truly clean up the rest of the messes on this planet and put things right again with nature.  We have to do it.  We are probably the last generation capable of doing it.
RE: Light up those flaming arrows...
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Matt Watts

RE: Light up those flaming arrows...
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A good interview with Jeff Rense and Dane Wingington attached, zipped MP3.  Please have a listen.  I think you'll understand just how dire the circumstances are and that we need to act.  Now.


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How to measure those aluminum particles in your own surrounding area?

What are tell tail signs?

How can i check if it is also this worse in Europe?

Who is supplying all the aluminum?

If its against humanity then the ill-luminati are behind it, they want to bring population down in any way. (ill aluminum ati)

And why is that big agri company getting patents in alu-resistend crops and plants?

Its deliberate, its evil, its the serious stuff you have to fight against for real.

Thinking others, or the one's involved will fix it is the thinking the illuminati depends on to continue.


Matt Watts

RE: Light up those flaming arrows...
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Quote from FaradayEZ on March 7th, 2013, 06:15 AM
Who is supplying all the aluminum?
This is an excellent question!  There cannot be very many facilities that have the capability to manufacture this nano particulate size aluminum.  Because this material is also used for SuperThermite, I suspect it is highly guarded.  But there is always a weakness...  It can't just magically find it's way to the aircrafts.  Certainly there are some people transporting this material without understanding how it will be used to kill them.  So it becomes a matter of finding the facilities, the routes, the drivers and talking to these folks.  They need to know what they are participating in.


RE: Chemtrails..Light up those flaming arrows...
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Hi guys,
I am from germany and can tell you, we see very suspicious things here too. Some crazy waveforms, which comes from outside. I could feel every time the sun bursts out, Similar feelings let me looking up in the sky and see crazy waveforms too how they form, and dissolve into nothing again. What i have seen too, are regular waveforms, which have so crazy big amplitude, you think. Whats going on. I really felt sometimes waves from Haarp, but the other  Waveforms in the sky are often from sun, or something other but no human intervention. I am not a weather spezialist just what i can see with my eyes only and the feelings which get into my mindvision.

These particles, what they do?
Well they surely interfere with the magnetic field, but what really happening? Some say they spray it, so we don't evolve so fast, into our spiritual power. So this is there thought, but they too know that every action they try will cause karma, but what really happens? To be honest i don't really know, but it occur to me it could speed things up for us too. What happens with an iron bar, when you hold a magnet on one side? the iron bar magnetise too.
There is a term in german. "The power of ill is used to do good." I do think it's the same here.

Thats my opinion, i say eyes open, see what happens and act in peace.
This is important, because every heart in peace will ease the world of war. every heart outside peace will tighten the screws.