HHO gas tester


HHO gas tester
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Hi wonderful people!

I just want to test the quality of my HHO gas. Is there any instrument or a precise method?

The reason why I badly needed this is, I accidentally discovered a setting on my system that made my accelerator felt fat....I mean very fat! You can imagine how excited I was pushing on the pedal and the vehicle just seemed to be catapulted by a strong engine power.

I'm using an arduino that is coupled optically to a power mosfet which drives an inductor in series with the positive side of a 21-plate drycell, yes the one I bought from ebay because it is very expensive to buy even a 19-plate cell in my location. The cell is rated at 40 amps! The supply voltage I used is about 16.5VDC using a DC boost converter. Current draw to the cell is about 0.88A only. All these because of several years of research especially from Dingel's and Stan's (VIC circuit). I was able to get 40% gain from a conventional straight DC setup before at 47W. After I started pulsing for several months, this is what I accidentally discovered.

My van is a 2.5 liter common-rail turbo intercooled DIESEL engine. The system is already two years sitting at the back of my van and hasn't failed me yet except for slight power fluctuations.

The 'catapult' power effect improves during noontime when the climate is hot. At about 34 degrees C the power to the engine feels stronger. So I planned to heat the reservoir and maintain at that temperature...soon.

I did an actual dyno and have a recorded result of about 500 ft-lbs of torque from a rated 300 ft-lbs or less only.

Now, back to my need. Is there a way to monitor the quality of the gas? Stan described about the Hydrogen higher energy levels, how to detect it?