longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl


longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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In nature, we can see different wave forms, related to water. Are they related to ether flow? water=eather

The transverse electro magnetic wave, the traveling wave when the wind blows over the water. The water, stands still, moves up and down. the wave travels. (sine on a oscilloscope)

Resonant wave, a standing wave. the water is moving fast, over a rock. the wave is standing still, while the water travels fast. ( also a sine on a oscilloscope)

the water vortex, the water moves in circles, and lets a air funnel go down. creating 2 funnels. One water, and one air. This would be how a magnetic field pole would look like.

So far, all these waves, are seen at the edge of the water and the air.
But if the eather is all around us, then we should look at underwater waves.

Dolphins show vortex rings (toroid tubes?) when they blow circular air rings under water. The same rings ar seen in the air, when a smoker puffs smoke rings.

Konstantin Meyl, says these vortex rings, exist in the near field of a dipole antenna. It manifests in the electric field.
around the dipole, forms a ring. related to the longitudinal field. (pressure wave)
He also states, then when the right conditions are met, these ring toroid/vortex rings, do not tranform in the transverse electro magnetic field, but they keep rolling on. 
this condition is related to the PHI ratio. When a antenna is build on this ratio. Eric Dollard has explored this in th elate 90's, and made a PHI ratio antenna. (borderland science magazine)

lets spin this idea further, into the bidilar coil:

If we would take the dipole (straight line) and would transform it into a circle, It would still form a vortex ring, except, the antenna (circle) is inside the circular tube, of the vortex ring (donut)

How does this translate to a bifilar pancake coil?  To produce these vortex rings, around the windings, the inner hole of the coil should be large enough, for the vortex ring to flow. The Ratio between the hole radius, and the windings, has to be PHI. (hole radius=1 ; winding+hole radius=PHI*PHI , winding-hole radius=PHI)

If we have 2 similar bifilar pancake coils, face to face, with a large enough distance (phi related) between them.
 in longitudinal mode. we get 2 vortex rings in between the coils(or joined into one). One coil transmits a vortex ring, that induces voltage in the other ring, at the same time, the other coil also produces a ring toroid inducing  a voltage in the first coil. This is all done without the loss of the polarized magnetic field. Its pure voltage. form longitudinal vortex ring spin, to dielectric voltage. from a vortex ring, that keeps turning, because it receives and generates in and from both bifilar pancake coils.

Once the longitudinal mode is active, we can tap of the excess voltage. this in turn, only amplifies the vortex ring.

Until now, I have only seen the transverse standing wave. I'm not sure If I have seen the longitudinal wave. Meyl, shows it is at a higher frequency. 1,52 higher. but ideal, It could be Phi higher, 1,62. 

I thought by pulsing from both ends, I got rid of the magnetic field. But, I wonder if it is just another frequency, related to the resonant frequency of the standing wave (at light speed). But now I will need to find the resonant frequency of the longitudinal wave (above light speed)  I wonder how this looks like on the scope. So far I have only seen Sine waves above the resonant frequency. But the longitudinal wave seems to be very narrow band, and it needs the hole in the middle of the coil.

More to explore.

vortex ring
longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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In this video you can see the power transfer of a longitudinal vortex ring.
Now imagine this being done with electricity. A bifilar coil, producing a electric vortex ring, shooting at a electronic circuit. The circuit would burn up... this could be a weapon... I dont like that.

But when two coils are creating a vortex, in a dielectric in between...


Gunther Rattay

Re: longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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Re: longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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thanks Gunter. beautiful to see how 2 vortex rings interact. I wonder how this translates to 2 bifilar coils in longitudinal mode


Re: longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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Gunther Rattay

Re: longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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Konstantin Meyl interview at Keshe location in belgium 2012:


In spite of Keshe´s afternoon gibberish about his "tech" Konstantin Meyl saved my day with his information in the morning. I met Meyl first in 1995 and then again at Keshe´s in 2012.


Re: longitudinal Waveforms, konstantin meyl
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Quote from Gunther Rattay on August 14th, 2017, 01:17 AM
Konstantin Meyl interview at Keshe location in belgium 2012:


In spite of Keshe´s afternoon gibberish about his "tech" Konstantin Meyl saved my day with his information in the morning. I met Meyl first in 1995 and then again at Keshe´s in 2012.
thank for sharing!
I wonder if Meyl has more contacts in the field, that work with energy generation.