Apoc4lypse note book


Apoc4lypse note book
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here is your own note book.


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OK starting over with this... an Introduction.

Summary: The concept I have been working towards is coming up with a way to extract the potential energy that is within magnets.
Ideally and practically extracting energy from lodestone mined from the earth using pollution free means.
The next step is to use said energy to run a fan connected to scrubbers to attempt to create a small negative CO2 impact to help clean the atmosphere. Once a method has been devised the next part is to make it simple enough to be created by anyone using old electronics so it can be made in almost any area where Co2 and other pollutants are becoming a problem.

I've heard the arguments that "energy cannot be created nor destroyed" and there is "no energy within a magnet". The truth here is we are not creating energy, but simply transforming it from one form to another to be put to good use.

An example of the potential energy inside of a magnet is shown in this simple thought experiment.

-Say we stick a magnet on a fridge and then jump in a hypothetical time machine and go forward a few hundred years or so.
The magnet will have fallen to the ground leaving behind a slightly magnetized trail on the surface of the metal fridge and will have been made slightly less magnetic. The magnetism it held was transferred to the fridge surface over time.

The trick is figuring out how to perform this transfer faster so the energy can be used differently.

This is the energy that is inside of every magnet we've ever made or found in the earth. So no energy is created or destroyed it is simply extracted or changed from being an alignment of atoms and electrons to another alignment of atoms and electrons.

After all E=MC2, so everything is energy just waiting to be unleashed.
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A note on particle physics....If the universe is infinitely small and large we can keep colliding particles together faster and faster and getting new ones until the cows come home.

Or until we accidentally make some crazy small particle that destroys us all or hopefully just the LHC itself. They are playing with forces they cannot possibly predict nor understand.
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Ok like I said I would post when I thought I had something. I really wanted to build it myself first; but I'm not the greatest at building so I'm just going to post the basics of the design I came up with... I drew on inspiration from some of the previous magnet powered designs that use ramps.


I'm going to throw together an animation and post it to youtube so its easier to understand.
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Here's the animation


What I want to do is make the big rotor a gear that turns the outer rotors also a gear, or have it belt driven somehow.

Anyways thoughts? Or arguments to why it wont work?

EDIT: Updated YouTube Video


If anyone else wants to try building and testing this let me know... I'm currently trying to figure out how to mount the gears that Diadon 3d printed for me. My main hurdle is putting the gears on a bearing that works well enough that the gears will turn with very little torque or the forces that the magnets I'm using can exert... I'm going to try using a hard drive stepper motor for the large gear, the small ones I'm not sure of yet.
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I thought this was very enlightening https://youtu.be/97FhauH1J58 but no I don't think we are living in a simulation.