Engine Builds


Engine Builds
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New Thread for Engine Builds

Sharing ideas for engine builds

This one is  Cummins 6 cylinder  50 kw unit engine over spec for power
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i post  so people with engine know how can see the  basic method
rail is from  1 bar to 5 bar
ecu is custom
injectors high flow custom
turbo egr and erg cooler custom
positive earthed  block
ionzed intake with  air gate check valve
crank crank case , manifolds and rocker covers with  blow off valves
lan wifi and gps system by siemens
swagelok fittings and fueling custom
flash arrestors germany with filters all NPT - f thread
fuel line  3/8  tube alloy non magnetic
Distributor ( dizzy)  led
the alternator is positive earth ground modified in uk
the oil system and coolign is basic standard
performance will be 120% over gasoline using h2 from tanks or from on demand
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EGR Plans  we scale op egr cooler and the  tube sizes to mix with h2
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Designing the Water Loop EGR

Yes we  can Tesla quantified the effectiveness of the device by calculating the ratio of resistance in one direction compared to the other. He made the bold claim that “The resistance in the reverse may be 200 times that in the normal direction […] so that the device acts as a slightly leaking valve.”

We have option to put a More Advanced Reverse EGR Cooler Box Also

I am making ans Selling such exhaust water catch Boxes at this time

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Engine running on Tanked H2 with Direction injeciton and Turbo
tuning egr % are idle  using some very cool solenoid controls