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Valentin Petkov / valyonpz/
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Valentin Petkov /valyonpz/

I am Gathering and Posting all Circuits here From Valentin and wish him and all replicators good Luck .
Suggest you all down load and keep on a separate hard drive and hard copies

For Newbies Stanley A Meyer  has Several Version of his circuit as he progress we have a through understanding of how to replicate thousands of people are replicating at home and on hot rods and in businesses .

Here we show   focused information from 1 of the Leading building and join in some other items from Max Dan and Others.

There is No Need to Use fossil Fuel Any more  as of 2019 it has become Public Knowledge that
the Spraying of aerosol has protected crop and germination from heat rises but has artificially held back 10 + degrees
that extra particle adding drops out rain and moisture which at first seam great controlling weather

 but now they have if by fate have done exactly what Stan said would happen they have weakened the coveleant linkup to ionosphere of gases and moisture by droping out water un naturally in a global scale

which has created a death spiral  making them  so called protect us more and spray more causing more water drop out and drought this is no drought Earth is 80% water. when our gas shield of earth is weak gamma rays come through and  light ray heat sterilizes crops with out food we all die .  joined with c02 the sea is acidifying and fish dying.  Check University utah and university arizona climate scientists the prediction is bad , they how ever do not know we have this technology and the decision makers also need to learn and know and start employing stans technologies immediately
More than ever we need to stop and start reducing spraying and raise the moisture by using water combustion engines just as Stan taught it is a vital path for survival now God Bless.

Prepare your communities start teaching Support us where you can


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Stanley Meyer's BIG BOBBIN

 The Clean Circuit  Pictures  and link Circuit by Petkov not work  also Link to Bobbin Connection do not work

Petkov if you read this please fix  links on your youtube
Video Stanley Meyer's BIG BOBBIN

Message  I managed to Save Circuit pictures .
What is very interesting in this practical solution?

1. Because here is no opposite-connected inductors, it is not necessary to "adjust accurately" the Resonant frequency. BIG BOBBIN not have "Resonant Scanning Circuit", not have "Pulce Pickup coil" like at VIC-Transformer. BIG BOBBIN work like standard "ATX Power supply Pulce Transformer" and only produse "Step-Charge effect".

2. It seems that gas production is better, when the Voltage on the cell is in "both directions" - starting with a "Negative voltage" and ends with a "Positive "voltage", like "Hysteresis Loop Figure"!!!
This effect Andrija Puharich named: "Rotation moment of the proton magnetic moment":
"This sets up a rotation moment of the proton magnetic moment which one can clearly see on the XY plot of an oscilloscope, as an hysteresis loop figure. However, it is noted that this hysteresis loop does not appear in the liquid water sample until all the parameters of the three components have been adjusted to the configuration which is the novel basis of this device. The hysteresis loop gives us a vivid portrayal of the nuclear magnetic relaxation cycle of the proton in water."
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high voltage probe
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8xa  many configs most use alternator and rotary type system
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At first time, the Real Stanley Meyer's VIC-Resonance.. is visible !!!

Input Power - 150 Volts DC / 70 mA. = 10,5 Watts !!!   (It's not a joke!)
Output Power - 2000 Volts /2 mA = 4 Watts.
My Circuit Diagram "Half-bridge Driver" like computer's ATX Power supply:

FERROXCUBE U93/76/16-3C90 - Ferrite Core Website:

High voltage Teflon insulation tape (must use, you see what happens without insulation!):
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power from distilled  water

amazing power water get attracted to electrodes HV   example  use vic similar
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Vic with H bridge

My circuit diagram (full size, "Improved" Circuit Diagram - Added HCF4098):

At 40 Volts to H-Bridge, current is only 200 mA!

My VIC dimentions:
Primary coil:
3 layers X 70 turns = 210 turns
Resistivity - 7,5 ohm
On Air core (no ferrite) - 1,24 mH
On Ferrite core - 114 mH

C1, C2 and Secondary coil:
13 layers X 80 turns = 1040 turns
Resistivity - 37,5 ohm
On Air core (no ferrite) - 31,2 mH
On Ferrite core - 1750 mH

The Voltages to C1, C2 and Secondary coils are equal !!!
For High Voltage "stability", must use "Double coated enameled copper wire":
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multi  vic
reposted from web ed and petkov

and Anonymous network
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As Crude Oil is not a Car fuel, so Tap Water is not a Car fuel, but Gasoline and Double-Distilled Water - is!

About 20 years ago in scientific journals appear publication, which describes a Car, that run only on Water Fuel. The Car engine use absolutely, extremely clear water. Indicate, that Car Driver is use only one of the car seats, because other three places are occupied ... by Distilling equipment
... and i never again read about this success... nowhere ...

The first Stanley Meyer's Electrolysers (like 8XA Circuit diagram with Long Tube Set) directly work with Tap Water!
And this is correct!
But "Resonance" Electrolyzers (like 11-Tube Cell and Water Injector) work only if is use Double-distilled Water!
If the Water have "Resistance", Resonance condition is not created - VIC-Transformer not work!
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his effect can be created with only one Inductor (e.g. only positive Inductor),
 but the Waveform is not symmetrical ! The Inductor with the Water capacitor create frequency dependent circuit.

Stephen Meyer's Original device work on different way! High-Frequency sinusoidal signal
 (about 13,5 kHz) is created from rotating car alternator. "Gate" Frequency (about 600 Hz) is formed from Relay controlled switches:
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rotating  alternator wave form
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As you see, about 600 Volts is absolute minimum for Water disotiation, if Water Cells is covered with insulation layers! Now i search more effective insilation method.
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The output voltage (about 6000 Volts) is a "Frequency dependent"!

The Oscilloscope is connected through 100:1 overall Divider (10:1 with Resistors and 10X Oscilloscope Probe)

The Input Voltage is about 12 Volts / 0,2 Amp
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if all coil connect in phase it will not achieve resonance
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Stephen Meyer`s Signal Replication
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how vic works
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Circuit found in a russian forum hho circuit

This is a great circuit

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Andrija Puharich in Patent US 4,394,230
present ways for high effocoency
voltrolysis using a unipolar ( Half Wave)
amplitude modulated  90 degree carrier sinusoidal signal
In Stanley Meyer 8XA he shows a Similar Method
some 8xa do not use Bifilar inductor

as he advanced in 9XA he says  transisitor is interchangeable with SCR

nw diagram replaces SCR in 8xa with a MOSFET Transisitor
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Many People Ask What is Purpose and Function of Bi Filar Coils
Lets See what Happen when 2 conductor connect like this

NOTE Same effect if no conductors connected
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Now lets see what happen when 2 conductors connected like this
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Here we Discuss another method with 2 variac

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Stanley Meyer's VIC Replication

using vic core and  vic  u core winding

We Show Measuring Conductivity of  core  and core with air gap in the below pictures

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HHO Torch Shown to Run from 8xa  Circuit
Powered with Stan Meyer`s standard 8XA circuit - full-wave bridge rectifier - 220 Veff / 50 Hz (310 Vpp / 50 Hz) - after rectifier: 310 Volts / 100 Hz
5 Cells series connected - to every Cell - 60 Volts / 5 amps
6 Cells series connected - to every Cell - 50 Volts / 4.5 amps

HHO Torch (use standard nozzle 0.25 mm. - 0.35 mm.) - this is better variant, than syringe needle !
If nozzle is over 0.40 mm. flame is back and detonation in hose (tubing).
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