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Re: Alternatives to Facebook
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laughs, - even at raves those RV conversations dont last much longer ;-D.

for me i would rather go too church every sunday, for a year,  than skip sleep for a weekuntil i lay down and leave my body without even trying..  - both points of view have merrit, but having OBE's without servere sleep deprevation is very difficult. but not at all impossible. =  i hope too take up the dicipline again one day, - but its very time consuming, and trying too hover on the adge of sleep, with your brain purring like a f1 engine., affects you all day, not just all night  . the art of body relaxion is the hardest part, -   you cannot do intentional obe without full body relaxation more intence than deep sleep. ---  like im wide away and my body wont even respond too signals when i send them, not for a 2 - 4 seconds like - visious attampts too ,move a limb, like blocking your face from a spear. )

i dont buy RV stories, because ive tried and failed, - and because i did rv stuff around 2011 when i was totally into the astral projection - and honestly i find it laughable that something that easy could work, just with finey tuned technique, -   next too what im doing.. bahhhh