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Quote from Cycle on February 27th, 2018, 06:43 PM
But imagine how powerful a magnet could be made if we were able to align all the atom's electrons... magnetism relies upon only unpaired electrons, and the rest of them orbiting the nucleus give no net increase of the magnetic field.
This  is  the reason  why copper  is  diamagnetic, there is one  orbital spinning   sink e-
So when  , as  was  telling  Joe ,  the  circuit  is  closed  ,  the  dipoles between the slab  of the  battery ,  make the  aether  to flow  all around , and towards  the  circuit,   to  neutralize   the  charges  ( positives go to neg-slab and conversely , which  discharges it )  ,  and  this  flowing  in the  copper  matter  aligne  all  the  alone e-  on the copper  atoms  in the  same  direction, which  induces  magnetic  dipoles  on  ALL  the copper atoms  in the  matter   of  the   coil , which as  for  effect  to  create  a magnetic  field,  similar  as  one  we  find  in  a   real  neodynium magnet ,  H.

This  field  take  a  certain time  to  establish in  the  entire matter of the coil,  t ~ L/R  , relaxation  time of  charges in  a  coil  with  inductance L and  R  as  resistance .

-->  if L=200Henries and R= 20Kohms, t = 1/100s  =  10-5  ms

So  we  have  two  currents  ,  as  Maxwell told  in his 1861 paper on E.M :  Jtotal = Jconduction + δD/δt   , where Jconduction = U/R and  D is  'Displacement  current' as  Maxwell named it.

But  today, this is considered  as null in the  calculus  of    currents  in a circuit , and  it is  considered only  in  the  caculus of  wave propagation in void.  This is  why  Newman  is right  when  he said  that  J = j + j - he named it X+X in his book.

And  this  is  why  Newman  was  right.
The  remaining  difficulty is to 'catch'  it his current BEFORE it is suppressed  by the bemf.  The reason is  that δD/δt  is  extremely  rapid, it is  the  speed  of  c . We see that  in the second and fourth  equation of Maxwell paper :

2 - ΔxA = μ.H   ---->   the  A  is  the  'electrotonic'  pulse  of  Faraday   ( this  is  what  Newman  call  with  his   humour  as  a  catcher  fighter   'the punch'  )))))
4 - E = μ.v x H - δA/δt - ΔU  ---->  and the effect is  the negative bemf :   -δA/δt  which arrives  immediately or  quasi,  in opposition, minus sign,  to the emf E ( U is  the gradient potential furnished  by the battery )

This is MHO  to  help   understand  the physical   Electromagnetic model of  Maxwell which has been  suppressed  since  relativity  in  all universities, 
and  which explains  why  we CAN  pump in the  sea of  aether, theoretically.