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Interesting site.... and the old becomes new again.

Now for those who have done their homework all we have to do is connect some dots. During the British occupation of India they gutted the resources and the libraries taking many of the Sanskrit texts back for translation. In fact Faraday, Maxwell and many other scholars mention them by name in the literature. As well Tesla knew the Sanskrit text well...

What is strange is that the average person today cannot believe how some very wise men thousands of years ago could have discovered these things. How could they have possibly discovered these things?... Uhm, the same way we did with insight, curiosity and simple experiments. What I find much more amazing is that even in this day and age a majority of people still do not understand these basic things such as how a battery and electrolysis works.

I find it very easy to believe many very intelligent ancient scholars understood many things in science but I find it hard to believe how few people understand it today. How many random people on the street do you think could give a reasonable explanation for how a basic battery works?... I'm guessing maybe 3%. I swear some days I think were moving back to the dark ages.