High voltage hairpin pulses


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I wonder of vacuum tubes would be better for this kind of circuit.
Re: High voltage hairpin pulses
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did a test to see how high I could get. 16,25V at 0,47A DC gave 45,5kHz (scope count)
voltage of the pulse was 90V but this is also a scope reading, that might be dampened due to the 10x probe setting.

Noting got hot.
Posted: May 30th, 2017, 07:35 AM

those BD240C and BD241C can reach up to 100V and I can see this on the scope, of I raise the voltage, the frequency goes up, but the peaks stay at 90V.
still 16V gave 45KHz, so I could reach higher in frequency. as long as the current doesnt get to high.

This test was without the coil or caps, I just added the diodes between the coils and the collectors.