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jeremy gwilt

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well, the panel voltage reacts very well to diffused light, yes....but the current only pours on once the light hits directly.... much like how my solar heating doesnt do very well in diffused light either. it doesnt help that these panels are so damn small  haha.....i really need some larger ones for these tests.....and a better load than one LED, but its all relative for now.


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Still moving forward! Keep up the good work. We are watching and learning.

jeremy gwilt

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« Reply #27, on April 8th, 2017, 08:21 AM »
ive been getting data in bits and pieces, but this is the best bit so far showing a sunrise comparison. our neighbors house blocks the direct sunrise, so its flattened out a bit at the beginning. hopefully, the sun stays out till at least noon!

 Snap 2017-04-08 at 09.20.40.png - 37.79 kB, 767x689, viewed 17 times.

Matt Watts

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Very good Jeremy.  Nice report with all the things people would really need to know to make a good decision.

You did touch on wind effecting the panels and thinking about that it seems there are two good solution and maybe some others.  One would be to incorporate a brake that releases when the motor needs to adjust the panels.  The other would be a worm drive or worm gear mechanism that doesn't allow the motor to turn when wind pushes on the panels.

Looking forward to your scaled up version.

Great work!

jeremy gwilt

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i like it!
 sometimes, its just easier to mill parts or modify things you have to fit the project. 3d printing is a love/ hate relationship with tons of limitations......and benefits!
damn i need to find time to work on my full scale tracker. i have piles of collected parts for various projects sitting in queue on one of my tables now. i remember when finding the parts was what held me back......