NASA's greatest lie..our Sun.


Re: NASA's greatest lie..our Sun.
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  I mean no disrespect cycle but light is a transverse wave which is not polarized, is it not? It is a neutral "particle" that has no true measurable mass, though that is hotly contested now in physics. It is much like the neutron, which comes out of a dense invisible mass and presents itself after high energetic interaction, but has no affinity towards positive or negative. That at least I am aware of or we have observed in laboratory experiments.

 You seem to contradict your own statement towards the end as you talk about depth and bring into account a 3 dimensional object of which the sun is at the very least don't you? Surface tension can facilitate transverse waves with the field interactions of material (atomic) densities can't it? Like your example of the interactions of solid, liquid and gas with your representation of the ocean. Am I mistaken in how this argument is flawed due too conjectures of organized supposition?

The truth is we don't know and we are attempting to figure it out right? Or do we already know and we shouldn't even bother?
Re: NASA's greatest lie..our Sun.
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30+ seconds in is a very important bit of information. Isn't this kind of emission of electrical interaction with other cosmic bodies?


Re: NASA's greatest lie..our Sun.
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Cycle, although I respect your opinion in this rather interesting thread as well as other's opinions, I find it odd that you attack Rass for his beliefs in a belittling manner that is not in the spirit of this forum. Calling people crackpot's and conspriracy theorists just because they have an alternative viewpoint that doesn't agree with yours does not make them a crackpot.
In fact, it is usually the people who start labelling others conspiracy theorists and crackpots are the one's that usually have something to hide or are trying to stop something in its tracks before it develops steam. I remember reading that Tesla was labelled a crackpot at some point in his life but only after JP Morgan found out that Tesla was planning on supplying free energy to households which couldn't be billed and payed for.
So Cycle, what are you trying to hide? What is really getting on your nerves about this theory? and lastly, why do you feel the need to destroy this theory at all cost?