Another QMoGen...

Matt Watts

Another QMoGen...
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Get a board, mount DC motor, AC generator, stick on pulleys, belt then just add a ground and you're all set.


Sorry guys, mine doesn't work like the one in the video.  Guess y'all are on your own to figure out why.

Gunther, can you email these folks and see what it is I'm missing please.


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Gunther Rattay

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I have sent an email to make contact. I will let you stay informed.

Matt Watts

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Not real sure if it loops or not--could be in the "construction" phase.


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Youtube says video is unavailable.  Do you have any other descriptive information for this?

Matt Watts

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The guy likes to keep moving around I reckon.  Try this one:

Quote from Tim tron
Published on Sep 23, 2018

Samsung Smart drive 36 pole / X13 Generator
The smart drive is a 36 pole that has been reconfigured as 6X2C star with Two X13 ECM 18 poles 1 hp motors used as pm alternators rated at 11.5 amps each with a 1 to 1 ratio. Using a 1'' wide 3/8'' pitch belt and the amp meter scale 1=10 . Going to add two more X13 ECM's and i will add a100# flywheel to be mounted on the main shaft.
So what it looks like he has is an all permanent magnet motor/generator setup.  Can't imagine it would loop, but...?  Maybe?  There must be some motivation to connect a motor to a generator this way, unless he's just tinkering for grins and giggles.  Could be this is just another one of those expensive hobbies he has--kind of like us.   :-P

If it does loop, my only guess is that somehow you get a torque advantage using the big out-runner hub motor.  Either that or there is a conversion between DC and 3-phase I'm not aware of.

Anyway, kind of a novel approach to an old experiment.  Maybe someone out there has these parts laying around collecting dust.  Might be worth sticking them together and see what you get.
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Other look where you can see a bit more to the setup:


Seems to be turning, but I see two big rechargeable tool batteries connected, so it's not looped.


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This is what I was thinking would work its a DC motor powering and AC Generator from the power the AC generator generates. The problem is it won't work unless that AC generator outputs enough power to run the DC motor at an RPM faster than the AC generator to begin with... not sure I said that right but you get the point.

Matt Watts

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I hear ya.  I'm starting to get the feeling there might be something to this gizmo.  Some thoughts about it are:
  • The DC to 3-phase motor controller creates a back EMF barrier.
  • The large diameter hub motor must provide substantially more torque than the ECM generators chew up.
  • There's a flywheel and some big cap banks that somehow pull the system past and through the normal "sticky spots".
  • He's showing a +/- amp gauge; that has to be a clue as to which way the current prefers to flow.
I really can't say one way or another about this device other than for a few hundred bucks, it's quite possible to find out for yourself.  I surely wouldn't go spending money on all brand new parts though.  Just take your time and pick-off an item here and there from eBay when it shows up.  Build the thing slowly and carefully over time and see what it's capable of.  With all the permanent magnets in there, maybe it is actually possible for it to do the amazing.
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Mr. Morin getting into the action too:

From what I can tell, it's the torque baby!  Those big hub out-runner motors make torque that would ordinarily take some serious amps to get with an internal rotor.
Putting it All Together
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Leverage my friend!

Here's the trick:

You want leverage with your motor to produce torque and easily counter back-torque.

Then you want no leverage with your generator--no leverage, no back-torque.  You do not want to be fighting magnetic fields.  All you want is an alternating magnetic field for your coils; nothing more.  Lenz no longer becomes much of an issue.  Granted it's still there, but it can't slow your motor down.


Hub motor with a large rotor; preferably with many magnets and many poles.  Long, small diameter BLDC-type generator, or multiple BLDCs strung together in a line.

And the rest is history...