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HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Stanley A Meyer Flat Cell Arrays
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Stanley A Meyer Flat Cell Arrays

Work Started and posting

Cold Fusion / Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
« on September 14th, 11:42 PM by Axil »
Why did Ken Shoulders name the EVO an exotic vacuum object...because that is exactly what it is.

The LHC found that the Higgs field (aka vacuum) is set on the finest of points. 

Calculations show that if the mass of the Higgs boson were just a few times heavier and everything else stayed the same, protons could no longer assemble into atoms, and there would be no complex structures—no stars or living beings. So, what if our universe really is as accidentally fine-tuned as a pencil balanced on its tip, singled out as our cosmic address from an inconceivably vast array of bubble universes inside an eternally frothing “multiverse” sea simply because life requires such an outrageous accident to exist?

The Higgs field is set exactly on its tipping point, just like if water was set at its triple point

If the strength of the Higgs field is increased or decreased by the slightest amount then there would be a change of state that would occur in the vacuum. For example, if water is moved off its triple point in the slightest way, it would begin to transform into a vapor, or a liquid, or ice.

In like manner to what happens in a change in state of water, If the strength of the vacuum changes in the slightest, then atoms would not exist, neither would electrons or protons; all matter would resolve down to pure energy.

There are processes that exist in nature in electromagnetic and particle interactions and in chemistry that create a tightly confined bubble of the Higgs field whose strength is different from that finely tuned value that keeps our universe from falling apart. This is what an EVO is, a rouge perturbative bubble of the vacuum.

The EVO can begin its existence as an nanoscopic object, but its effect on matter is still potent. As it grows in size into the microscopic, its vacuum state may change, but its effect on matter remains the same, when the EVO reaches a macroscopic size, its effects on matter remain constant throughout its lifecycle. What matters is that the vacuum state confined inside the EVO is different than the value of the vacuum throughout the rest of the universe.

Whatever matter that this bubble of the vacuum contacts will dissociate and dissolve into energy. When the true Higgs field is restored, then matter will assemble into its usual state of protons, electrons, and atoms just like this formation of matter happened soon after the big bang occured when the Higgs field weakened and assumed its current strength.

This is how and why transmutation occurs in LENR...matter to energy and then back to matter.

Inside that EVO with its own vacuum state, there exists another universe where life and matter cannot survive. Does space-time even exist inside the EVO? Where does matter go when it comes in contact with the EVO? Can energy leak out of the EVO? Who will run the experiments to answer these questions?
HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: Engine Builds
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Designing the Water Loop EGR

Yes we  can Tesla quantified the effectiveness of the device by calculating the ratio of resistance in one direction compared to the other. He made the bold claim that “The resistance in the reverse may be 200 times that in the normal direction […] so that the device acts as a slightly leaking valve.”

We have option to put a More Advanced Reverse EGR Cooler Box Also

I am making ans Selling such exhaust water catch Boxes at this time

Cold Fusion / Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
« on September 13th, 09:50 PM by Axil »
In the pursuit of the development of LENR theory and the process of connecting its many dots, one needs to be a jack of all trades but in my case,  master of none. However, LENR dot connecting has recently lead me to the suspicion that the LENR reaction is seated firmly in the nature and behavior of the vacuum. Over the years, the dots have lead us to examine  particle physics, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, black hole theory, nanoplasmonics, solid state physics, nanooptics, nuclear physics, material science, among other fields of study. Now the nature and behavior of the vacuum leads to an interest in cosmology, for in cosmology, its practitioners recognize how the vacuum is the structure upon which the universe is built.

Keith Fredericks shows experimentally that "strange radiation" is a monopole by analyzing the elliptical tracks that this particle excavates on surfaces. The particle makes matter disappear without a trace as it proceeds along it track as a form of transmutation. It is my contention that strange radiation is a topological defects in the Higgs field as defined above in the last post.

There is a new principle in development in cosmology called the “Multiple Point Principle” (MPP) that postulate the existence of topological Higgs field defects that produces the dense Higgs field (10^18 GeV...approximately 0.02 milligrams...the Planck mass). This defect will be enclosed in a micro black hole called an electromagnetic "Hedgehog"

We present a new cosmological model of the Universe based on the two discoveries: 1. cosmological constant is very small, and 2. Nature shows a new law in physics called “Multiple Point Principle” (MPP). The MPP predicts the two degenerate vacua of the Universe with VEV
v1≈246 Gev and v2∼10^18 GeV, which provide masses of the Higgs boson and top-quark. A new cosmological model assumes the formation of two universal bubbles. The Universe at first stage of its existing is a bubble with a de-Sitter spacetime inside, having black-holes-hedgehogs as topological defects of the vacuum. Such a bubble has a “false vacuum” with VEV v2, which decays very quickly. Cooling Universe has a new phase transition, transforming the “false” vacuum to the “true” (Electroweak) vacuum. Hedgehogs confined, and the universal bubble is transformed into the bubble having spacetime with FLRW-metric and the vacuum with new topological defects of U(1)(el−mag) group: magnetic vortices and Sidharth’s pointlike defects. The problem of stability/metastability of the EW-vacuum is investigated. Noncommutativity of the vacua spacetime manifold is discussed. The prediction of a new physics is given by the future observations at LHC of the triplet SU(2) Higgs bosons (at energies E∼10 TeV), and/or of the new bound states 6t+6¯t formed by top-antitop quarks (at E∼1 TeV). The problem “What comes beyond the Standard Model” is discussed at the end of this paper.

The nature of the defects that form depends on the symmetries of the Higgs field itself. For example, the Higgs field may have a choice of two possible states to fall into. In this case, when regions that have taken opposite choices run up against each other, the boundary is marked by a structure called a domain wall, in which the Higgs field is obliged to pass through zero, creating a localized region where the vacuum state is one of unbroken symmetry .The domain wall is a microscopically narrow region trapping what physicists call a false vacuum, as distinct from the true vacuum on either side. The false vacuum ought not to exist, but does so because the geometry of the Higgs field does not allow it to disperse.The polariton condensate as a condensate of hyper-change causes the Higgs field to form this false vacuum state as a perturbation.
Cold Fusion / Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
« on September 13th, 09:42 PM by Axil »
Keith Fredericks

has presented his research on what he calls superluminal particles which are magnetic monopoles at ICCS22. I found the theory that could underpins Keith's finding in a cosmology course from MIT.

It involves the formation of a topological defect in the Higgs field. This defect forms when a new Higgs field is created and the Higgs field combines with the new Higgs field. This defect in the Higgs field forms a magnetic monopole that is huge and powerful. A particle forms that has a mass of 10^20 protons or about a microgram. This energy level produces a Higgs field defect that meets the dense Higgs field level of 10^18GeV.

According to cosmology theory, monopoles from Higgs field cooling appeared about 2 hours after the big bang. We know that this monopoles can form in the present day to support LENR transmutation.

First, the particle is a Higgs field condensate and is tachyonic. The Higgs field is a tachyonic field. This means that the monopole is not superluminal but represents a disturbance in the Higgs field.

The lecture is informative from the start and is well worth the time to view it in total. It explains how the Higgs field fits into both the standard model and the standard cosmological model. It shows the math, and then it explains the way dissimilar Higgs field interact.

For your convenience, I placed the video pointer of the lecture at 52:58 to show the Higgs field spacifics.

This area of cosmology is well developed and can be accessed for further study by googling "topological defect in the higgs field"

Transmutation in LENR is caused by the "higgs abyss" (for further study google). The Higgs mechanism distorts the function of quarks due to their mass redefinition.

In my opinion, Keith's presentation is the most significant presentation of this conference and reveals the true nature of the NAE and the science that supports it.

What is interesting about Keith Fredericks findings is that these monopoles form spontaneously from the environment as well as those being produced in LENR experiments. Keith Fredericks calls these particles cosmic background. He shows them as the agent that produce tracks (strange radiation) where matter loss occurs.
Stan Meyer WFC / Re: VIC v5 driver board order list
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Quote from Matt Watts on June 13th, 2018, 08:27 PM
Guys, we are not after natural resonance here.  We are after parametric resonance.  But to get there we must be able to achieve basic resonance first, practically with our eyes closed.  We don't need 10 amp h-bridges and all that crap.  We need a simple precision, low power stimulation, then we turn on the parametric switching and the system takes care of itself as long as we can continue to track the proper frequency.  As Dr. Butikov stated, the amplitude will be exponential gains per cycle--step charging on steroids.  We do this correctly and you'll have more Hydroxy gas than you'll ever imagine.

Russ has explained how you find the resonant frequency in a tank circuit; the ring test is the easiest.  Once you find that, you must have a driver system that can find it too, with the flip of switch.  The PLL should go right to that same frequency and hold the frequency there without jitter.  Get this right, then you can do the parametric switching.  That's my goal and I'll figure out a way to do it and share it as I go along.
Matt, what is your idea for a simple electronic load circuit where the inductance of the coil can be modulated as described in the ParamSquare.pdf?

With my PGen 2.0 I have pll to find forced/natural resonance at 90° phase shift or any other angle I want to have. And I have square wave pulses thru a driver circuit.
Thru timing calculations I can easily switch over from natural to parametric resonance without extensive hardware in my circuit design. But what is the load configuration? inductance or capacitance must be made variable.
I have to understand paper´s calculations (not yet) to get correct phase shift for my square wave signal ...

In Stan´s WFC configuration of course the water capacitor is the variable part. capacitance and resistance change depending on water excitation state.
feedback coil phase shift will give information about derivation from natural resonance frequency but how to add in the parametric excitation component?
is there a dependency between natural resonance frequency and parametric resonance excitation frequency?

For the WFC a single pulse will be overdampened so that that half wave will immediately stop without swinging to the opposite...
But if inductance is large enough ... ?!?
HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Hydrogen Safety and Bottle Handling Notes
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Hydrogen Safety and Bottle Handling Notes

Starting this thread so we not  key things to consider

1 good ventilation
2 best if building has vet and air space between walls and roof to allow any loose gas out.
3 use  secure tank and mottle manifold out side building
4 use a h2 sniffer alarm
5 use a h2 leak detector
6 avoid bottle falling over
7 use witt or best flask arrestors and npt- f ( fine thead fittings
9  treat oxygen more dangerous than h2  as it is the static side of things  do not fill room with oxygen either
10 . Work in pairs have a safety check list daily
11 always use a filter before flash arrestor to stop any moisture or tanks  corrostion entering flash arestor.
12 use parker or swaglock double sleeve fittings check of leakage low   
12 check the pressure rating of all parts on your fuel line it varies with model numbers some maye be 1 to 2 bar whilst other 5  to 8 bar.  etc match correctly and all is well.
13 understand mixing gases is dangerous  not not mix lpg with hho, from different bottles etc static can cause ignition via  the o2
14 put the time in to study and get trained on safety it helps

HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: The Gas Processor GMS Board Replication
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more coming others are also building