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evostars / Re: advancing the Solid state Tesla hairpin circuit
« Today at 04:51 AM by evostars »
I worked out several scripts for new videos and have started recording new video material (for my master ivo channel).

stepping back from the research was a good choice.
my mind is becoming clearer again, and I have better perspective on whats going on.

no promises, but I intend to make multiple videos, showing/explaining
the fields of the coil
the series resonant bifilar coil
the impulsed series resonant coil

Cold Fusion / Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
« on August 19th, 10:26 PM by Axil »
A post from MFMP as follows:

On May 21st 2005 at the MIT Cold Fusion conference, Ken Shoulders presented this

I wish we had access to what he said alongside the slides, perhaps someone recorded it? He talks about Adamenko's radiation remediation tests, something of high personal value to me at the moment (Adamenko did 100 experiments by neutron activation of Co and Ag followed by controlled discharge producing radiation remediation immediately and repeatedly, VERY detailed description in Adamenko's book).

In this paper, shoulders states that EXCESS HEAT will be DESTRUCTIVE, however, electrical production can be achieved without destruction of device. In my understanding, based on observation driven insight, I agree.

He also said that Hutchison effect, Sono Fusion, Cold Fusion etc all show signs of EVOs - I agree, I am amazed to have, last Friday, seen so much evidence of EVOs on LION1 and LION2 tube furnace quartz sheath - and these were 'outside' the reactor, not affected chemically by copper in any way, clearly showing that these structures are progressively destroying the reactor, with some held in place, it would appear, by the electric and magnetic fields of the heater coil. This latter observation is the key to controlling this to make it useful, in the case of Shoulders, he used a penning trap.

Look at the high resolution images downloadable from the video descriptions.


My take about what is going on in these videos as follows (The Dense Higgs Field LENR theory):

An electron is comprised of a set of quantum properties. These properties direct the behavior of the electron. Unlike free electrons in a vacuum, these quantum properties can be isolated from other quantum properties when the electron is part of a solid.

The coming thing in condensed matter physics and quantum engineering is the ability in general to select these quantum properties of both fermions (electrons) and/or bosons (photons) that are useful and discard the others.

It is now possible to build a material that hosts electron based quasiparticles that mix and match the quantum properties selected from one or more of its fundamental particle quantum properties that are useful and to ignore or restrict the other less advantageous ones. The selected quantum properties can be strengthened and protected while other properties can be ignored.

For example, condensed matter Scientists can now see their way in creating Majorana particles from electrons and photons because of their potential to store quantum information in a special computation space where quantum information is protected from the environment noise. These quasiparticles have no mass or charge and can travel at the speed of light.

What LION has done without knowing how he did it is create another quasiparticle that is composed of a pair of electron properties called isospin and hypercharge and concentrated these quantum properties into a condensate which greatly amplifies the strength of these quantum properties.

Isospin gives the electron its magnetic nature and hypercharge gives the electron its ability to make electrons spin in the right and left direction. Hypercharge also gives the electron the property of mass and its ability to interact with the weak force. It is the Higgs field property.

The EVO is comprised of two counter rotating magnetic currents of isospin and hypercharge. Let’s call the combination of isospin and hypercharge the spinon quasiparticle.

The EVO does not have charge or other electron quantum properties. These properties reside in other places in a solid but the EVO can move around unaffected and unconfined by its other electron quantum properties. The EVO can extract and concentrate without limit the spinon property of the electron. The EVO can start out small but grow to just about any size as it accumulates more spinons. The spinon gives the EVO the ability to activate the weak force, to produce and broadcast magnetically greatly increased mass in fermions (quarks) that makeup protons and neutrons. This is how Holmlid can breakup protons and neutrons turn them into mesons.

Yes, LION has produced ultra-dense deuterium which will form the superconductor core of the EVO.

Electrons come it two varieties right handed electrons and left handed electrons. These electron properties are defined and produced by hypercharge. Hypercharge can change the way electrons spin. This is what gives fermions mass. When a fermion changes its spin direction, it absorbs energy and this result in their increased mass. The more Hypercharge that the fermion is exposed to, the more massive that it gets because of all the spin flipping that it is doing. When a proton is exposed to a dense hypercharge field (dense Higgs field) it will blow apart and decay into very heavy quarks. These quarks will stay deconfined until the dense Higgs field is removed. But when the dense Higgs field is removed, the deconfined quarks will get back to normal and reform new protons, neutrons and mesons which lead to the formation of new elements as in transmutation.

When the density of spinons is extreme, it forms a supersolid. The spinons arrange themselves in a lattice that takes the form of a geometric shape.

A supersolid is a spatially ordered material with superfluid properties. Superfluidity is a special quantum state of matter in which a substance flows with zero viscosity.

This is why Bob sees various geometric shapes in the scars that were produced by the EVOs. The counter rotating spinon currents produce right and left handed rotating scars in the quartz as the projecting magnetic beams disrupt matter using their dense counter rotating magnetically born Higgs fields. These beams have various geometric shaped boundaries but rotate internal to that boundary. The spinons also form and move as a superfluid.

What might have happened is that an EVO got embedded in the wire and projected its two counter rotating Higgs beams outward and circled around downward beyond the wire to the quartz surface were it was terminated when it encountered the surface of the quartz.

To end, the EVO can be a monopole when it forms and projects just a single straight on Higgs beam. The dipole scars can be matched though equal diameters sizes of the scars that these paired dipole beams produce.

Video lets the tests begin
Hi Dan,

OK - I think I understand:

There is no 'earth' ground for the system and it does appear to be wired backways because it is.

The distributor works as designed and there is the 130VDC from the inverter present across the plug.

The normal ignition spark closes the plug gap (spark is plasma and plasma is a dead short), the path for the inverter voltage is present, and wham!

Simply put, the HV spark from the ignition becomes a switch for the inverter.

If you could generate around 600 VDC to replace the inverter, the moisture in the air explodes (like lightning) and the engine will run on air/vapor.

A cold-rated plug has a shorter insulator nose and dissipates heat from the plug tip to the cylinder head quicker than a hot-rated spark plug and firing end stays cooler than hot rated spark plug. The insulator nose of a cold spark plug also has a smaller surface area. This means the chances of the spark plug tip igniting the airfuel charge is reduced

So we should use nickle coated , and possible low resistance or resistor removed plugs  we do not want platinum and
hot or hot plug as it causes pre ignition

Currently I look for option in this size to replace on a test engine  all suggestions comments welcomed
Plasma Ignition out of a NEXUS event:
+Ground engine metal pulls 13.8 Vdc -e Ion charge out of air-fuel mix;
HV diodes gives much faster (+) Voltage Rise Time [in nano sec] = 50kV to 100kV HV event;
+HV event jerks KV -e Ion charge out of air-fuel mix AWAY from LV Ground.
Air-fuel mix goes into Plasma State.

The +HV vs +LV Nexus event: Tom Bearden named "Splitting the Positive".
Making Positive Earth  Engine Blocks


Alternator need changing this can be done by any competent Alternator person
or ask me At Secure Supplies we can do it and send by fedex.

The starter motor will not matter if it is +Ve or –Ve earth as the starter will only turn in one direction.

does not  matter too much as these tend to be restive based and not voltage dependent.

Other things air gates or injectors where possible should be insulated from the positive earth and separate negative line run just line they do on aircraft and in Aviation globally.

We are building many of these and I welcome questions or message in regards to each build or type


ON Bills Drawing he does not show how he et the riveter power  rectified to be timed clearly  , so I asked him ofver several months and
it is simple he just used the distributor

Bill Cozzolino
to me   "I just used the VW distributor. "

So I hope that clarifies the drawing Bill says he left it out because he thought it was obvious? may be for us old timer but genx  and gen z gonna no guess well  LOL

Have a Awesome life on Water fuel people