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Title: how: Voltage Potential perform work
Post by: geenee on April 14th, 2012, 10:21 PM
Voltage Potential perform work
mean Voltage Potential only no Amps flows

example on this video Do you think i'm right understanding?

not connect positive side to negative side.magnet under negative side didn't attach copper wire. this work on principle of electrostatic and electron work.battery still full and not lose electron from negative side to positive side.

about battery if electron(neg side/neg ion)flow to make neutral positive side (pos ion) after neutral all both side. battery is empty(no difference voltage potential)

this proof to use positive electrostatic from positive side battery to make movement without amps flow from neg side battery but flow from electron of copper wire.positive side receive electron from copper wire then some atom of pos side go to neutral and drop voltage potential a little on pos side because restrict electron(copper wire dont have many electrons).when the end of copper wire become a positive ion(lose electron to pos side).it can pull by magnet and spin.

this concept like Testla. all about electron work.
very high voltage potential steal electron from air metal water.the movement of electron is electricity.electron from environment is free but real operation of Testla's coil consume electric power.if you maintain positive electrostatic to always high and can restrict electron to go to positive will have high positive electrostatic field that can attach neg ion or pull pos ion.

but in the real operation can't restrict electron to very high pos side.In water capacitor Meyer restrict electron flow from negative exciter but let electron flow from water bath to positive exciter. like water bath is earth ground.when water bath lose electron it go to unstable state and crack to oxygen and hydrogen.this operation all in the pulse off time(gate time) and comsume electron from waterbath to change battery or hydrogen gas gun or kill electron away from waterbath.This is Hydrogen Fracturing Process and Electron Extraction gate time have spike HV by resonant between L(choke) and C(choke),C(WFC) in MHZ to GHZ freq.first energize by charging water capacitor at pulse time.then water capacitor discharge to choke and resonant itself at gate time.when start pulse time again it will resonant too.

i think it possible in my opinion.
What do you think about that?Please suggest me.i have a little knowledge.
i try to test like my hero;Russ(still alive) ,Meyer(died),DanielDingel(died).i think all people bring it in like Meyer say and understand clearly.i will try hard work too.and tell all people to know about that. Knowledge is the treasure of the's not only big brother had.

thank all friend