Where is Stan's estate now?


Where is Stan's estate now?
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It seems like work on Stan's WFC has slowed down alot lately, though some of us are still working in the shadows.

Lately I've been wondering what has happened to Stan's estate. I just found this (see attached) under QCI's list of engineers.
They brought on Brian Finley-a man who worked with Stan for four years?

Also, in Steven Greer's talks he's recently mentioned that the engineers figured out the EPG and Stan's other devices and that all of the engineers were murdered?

Starts @ 36:40


So... Has anyone else heard that people were killed?  I haven't found anything about any engineers @ QCI murdered?

Does anyone know someone that works at QCI that could corroborate?


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I think I have watched everything Greer has offered as videos and movies. I think he has done a lot, but I am get ting worried about his ego. It is getting bigger and I fear he was bought or now that he thinks he is "The Messiah" he start lacking self criticism and accept what ever somebody brings to him as evidence. This is when they get you. First you develop ego, they stroke it and now you are corrupt
Re: Where is Stan's estate now?
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Same thing with David Wilcock. In 1995 this guy wanted to do research and tell the world. Now he boasts on stuff and that he doesn't make enough money even with many books as best sellers. Then you can see his stream with all these people donating money to him and he is doing multi cam shots in his big house.

Davis said every woman wanted to boink him and he didn't even do it! Because he is such a nice guy!

He thinks he is the reincarnated Edgar Cayce and when the E.C society wanted to test him if he is, he denies and said no such test can be trusted and he won't take the test, because he is the guy! Davis said he even looks like Edgar!

His ego has gone overboard and he accepts testimony from people like Corey Goode who's story smells like granny's taint. There is no real vetting anymore. If Goode and some other guy say they used "glass pads" to look for information in the alien ships, then they are all good. They just vetted each other


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I agree.

With most of those people I question their motives and judgement.

I just wish we could get more insight on what is happening with Stan's estate.


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To me the $387.627.265.923 Million Trillion Billion fossil fuelled USD question is this: What happened to Meyer's buggy, after he was murdered, WHILE it still was working just fine, parked there in his garage just waiting to be started up again?


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His estate went through the courts and went to his wife, after she passed it went to the Holbrook family from my understanding, Charlie Holbrook was one of the guys who worked with Stan for years on the WFC, after he passed it went to his family who sold it to QCI.

I don't think the buggy ran when he died. If you go through his docs and News Releases it looks like the injectors didn't work- alot of problems to solve... his last project to my understanding was the WFC Steam Resonator Home Heating Unit, which he announced in 1996 I believe that it was under an industrial development contract. Also if you look at the HHU it had the most recent electronics on it so we know it was one of the last projects he was working on.

Ernest Culberson

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It looked to me that the buggy in the estate photos had like an ecu on the front which was the laser accelerator rectangular box and at the back on both sides there were two rectangular boxes  to encase large pcboards?   The injectors looked like they could be used for direct HHO injection on intake stroke with a one spark after TDC.   The differential solenoids near main air intake mixed ionized air, exhaust gas; that was sucked into venturi eductor air throat on main air intake.
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I listened to Steven Greer recently in one of those videos;  I thought he was embellishing some of what he said for the audience. The comment about the jungle in regards to safe haven for UK investor's team seemed unnesscessary to me?