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Quote from Matt Watts on April 12th, 07:08 PM
This pretty much says it all:
That plus hiding the real history. Meaning you can use or not use something from the past that worked in some way or people reacted to it in certain manner. Problem Reaction Solution. Pretty much what IMF does to whole countries. You just control energy and money supply and there is no need for physical chains anymore.

People are promised more jobs and mortgages, so they can get a nice house for their families. Regular Joe does not understand that a job is just a form of slavery. What politicians mean by steady economic growth and job security is that compound interest from debt created by banks demands more people in the grinder. There is no money anymore. Just debt.

Slavery means you are in not control of your own labour and the fruits that come from it. So in the end of the month if account shows zero dollars, you are practically a slave. Nobody likes their job and everything you earned went to taxes, living, clothing and food. Well isn't that what a slave gets? A roof, clothing and food.

After WW2 one parent worked and you still had 2 cars and maybe even a summer cabin. Now 2 parents work and you have to watch what you buy in the grocery store. People never see the benefits from automation and technology.

If you get massive bonuses that means you keep this ponzi running. If you get a Pooty salary, you most likely take care of children or the elderly

Matt Watts

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What isn't so obvious about that video clip is this:   Those guys invented a free energy system--something from nothing,  They aren't about to do anything that would short the system out or make it work for anyone but themselves.  "Rarely are motives unselfish."

We are just electrons in this system, transporting energy from nature to them.  We call it slavery; they call it success.

So I ask you:  If you were to invent a free energy device and had it functioning as you desire right there on your own workbench, would you feel any remorse for enslaving those electrons that are powering your 100 watt light bulb?  I suspect not.  Ah, but you say those electrons are not alive; they have no feelings, no thoughts.  Are you sure?  Would you dismantle your device on account of this uncertainty?  Again, I suspect not.

Are we not searching for the very thing we are complaining about?  We need those electrons to love and embrace their slavery.  Notice any similarity to the world in which we live?

Such is the paradox we find ourselves in...