SSL Enabled


SSL Enabled
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now have SSL enabled. These sites use a self-signed certificate, for a period of 10 years from now.

You will need to add a security exception by:
  • Firefox: "Your connection is not secure" -> Advanced -> Add Exception... -> [Get Certificate] -> Confirm Security Exception
You will only have to do this once.

Update your bookmarks if you want to use SSL encryption, by replacing: http: with https:


Re: SSL Enabled
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You should be able to use the SSL cert. on your host server without the user's intervention? Are you using a hosting service are going about the hosting yourself? SSL is pretty important for the average internet user nowadays I have noticed. I also noticed there is such a wealth of knowledge on this forum, google should be picking up on the data to rank the website more. Are there meta-tags enabled or are you purposely trying to fly under the radar of big data my friend? 


Re: SSL Enabled
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SSL certificates are not free, so we host a self-signed certificate. Point-to-point encryption should be free from cost.

Hosting is configured manually.

This forum is more word-of-mouth through Russ than publicized out there in the mainstream.

Matt Watts

Re: SSL Enabled
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Quote from Diadon on November 11th, 03:38 AM
.. are you purposely trying to fly under the radar of big data my friend?
With the pervasiveness of "the radar", it's more like trying to make yourself so thin the waves pass right through without reflection.   :-)