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HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Turns of primary vic coil.
« on December 5th, 10:41 AM by slobbysh »

Hi, I'm slobbysh, new in the forum. Together with other people we are building various cells but one of the most important problems to solve is this: how many turns should the primary coil have if I want to power it 12 volts?
Magnet Based Systems / Re: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman 2017
« on December 5th, 01:47 AM by ~Russ »

Ozone aay?

I know of only one person (alive and well) on this earth that fully understands and has replicated this work of Mr. Tesla:

You figure it out and you'll be well on your way with Mr. Meyer.
Open-Source Research / Re: HHO /Hydrogen Electrolyser Accelerator Pedal and Controllers
« on December 4th, 11:27 PM by securesupplies »
Slide Found and Reloaded

HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Stanley Meyer and Invisible Micro Nano Bubbles
« on December 4th, 11:07 PM by securesupplies »
Stanley Meyer and Invisible Micro Nano Bubbles

It has Become Apparent that the Right Frequency and right Ph and Water Temp and Purity will
Propagate Micro nano bubbles right into solution and keep them there for up to 2 years and create a water fuel .

There are some techniques and accessories that are becoming available to aid this process.
We Can thank all the Builders and scientists for constantly publishing researching and sharing what they found and had hunches on.

The List is Long Immediate list include
Mr Anzai Kantetsu Nano Bubbles
Moray king for he micro cluster nano bubble works
Joe Cell on his polarity charge of gas and water works.
and countless others in the thousand of home builder levels. it would not be fair to mention names and list is way long
Needless to say it is global at this point

Attached are some new slide specific to this topic understanding  and study on Stanley Meyers Water Fuel.

Stanley Meyer
Mentioned as Brettly Pointed out IN the Environmental Tape 3
position 2.08  " we even have more advanced technology than
that, we can purify this water without converting to gas"

I hoe you find it interesting enough to get up off you chair and do a little water fuel dance.
Builders are working hard and more support info being found and made the good news is there is tons of
science and data now on these items reflected in the attached slides.


is no matter the method of releasing or making h2 whether Stan's Voltrolysis extremely efficient and now proven.
or just nano bubbling positive charged hho h1 h2 or electron removed gas into ddh20 water during cavitation or resonance vibration

you can reprogram the water and gasses held in it,

if it is cold and ddh20 double distilled or even distilled.
 if positive charged

it will gather the nano bubbles into micro clusters and hold them there in solution
 and the ph will rise along with the held charge as a capcitor does.

 Making what science is yet to realize a stronger surface charge with out salts or electrolytes or contaminates.
pure water with positive charge and high surface tension. Holy water ? seams so. it is already being used in medecine and cures
and to reverse addictions with out brain acidosis  also .

This Fuel Mix which we can meter mix with o1 o2 or other non combustible gases can stay in solution for up to 2 years and be used as a inject able fuel as Ohmasa showed and proved running a engine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019    2020 is water fuel Year

Some Slides Advancing

As we Learn to control the charge and ph state of water and nano bubbles inside it
Magnet Based Systems / Re: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman 2017
« on December 4th, 09:43 PM by securesupplies »
Newman with some sort of gas cylinder believed to be helium
Knowledge is power literally

Have a Great Christmas and New Year
evostars / Re: new oscillator circuit shared By Nelson Rocha
« on December 4th, 09:01 AM by evostars »
he's just being himself Matt, he was visiting his family, read my emails but didn't reply...

I keep thinking I didn't tune l3 properly.
I did several test with caps but if its a high q resonance, then it would be life and death between 1nF.and thats what Nelson has indicated.

and i probably need to test on both sides of l2. hell of a job if you make 1nf increments... but doable

but noy now. first going to work on my own stuff
evostars / radiant switch
« on December 4th, 06:48 AM by evostars »
L1 is bifilar coil. l2 l3 also.

l1 is connected to plus and minus dc.
the center tap, between the 2 windings of l1 has a mosfet switch.

when switch is closed, a magnetic field is build up in the mutual coupled windings of l1.

when switch is opened, 2 equal but opposite back emf impulses rise.

these pass through the diodes and capacitors into L2.

L2 gets to see opposite polarities on both ends, shorting out in the middle.

L2 now acts as the primary for L3.

l3 ia resonant tuned to the impulses of L2