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That's cool, I understand if you don't want a lot of attention to the website. I will respect that and won't backlink or point too many links this direction if you wish.
HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: Turns of primary vic coil.
« on December 14th, 01:10 PM by securesupplies »
but goo if we go firm measurements from the replica posted
HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: Turns of primary vic coil.
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Quote from securesupplies on December 13th, 09:31 PM
Total Transformer Ratio                   1 : 30

Primary Number of Winds  Inside Bobbin 
Number of Layers                     35.84
Number Turns Per Layer            81.76
Primary Resistance                  3.6 ohms
WIRE GAUGE                          25 Gauge
Skin Effect                                    107 Khz
Where did you get these numbers from?

Turns ratio from everything I've gathered is somewhere between 1:4 up to 1:6.  One to thirty is way out of the ballpark.

2930 turns on a primary coil seems way too high.  I would expect something like this number for the secondary.

Also, 3.6 ohms seems way low.  My understanding is that right around 10 to 12 ohms is the sweet spot.
Cold Fusion / Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
« on December 14th, 12:25 AM by Axil »
If energy is being extracted from the vacuum, it will come in the form of negative energy photons. Here is how we will recognize when the production of vacuum energy is occurring.  The negative energy photon has been produced in the lab. It turns out to be a photon with negative frequency. That negative frequency makes this negative energy photon produce a pulse of light at an even bluer color than the base line positive energy partner (vacuum energy pair derived).

If vacuum energy extraction is occurring, than the production of blue light (UV or XUV) will occur. Both Rossi and Mills report this kind of light is being generated by their systems.

See light produced by ECCO reactor

See references

Hawking radiation is the way systems extract energy from the vacuum. Black holes produce Hawking radiation,

How can a system produce Hawking radiation as follows:

Analog physics as follows

Analogical models are a method of representing a phenomenon of the world, often called the "target system" by another, more understandable or analysable system. They are also called dynamical analogies.

Two open systems have analog representations (see illustration) if they are black box isomorphic systems.

The important concept to understand is what a black box isomorphic systems are


Also see

Analog gravity
See section 5
5.1 Hawking radiation

A dark mode polariton BEC is an analog black hole for light. It produces hawking radiation as photons. This is how LENR extracts energy from the vacuum. Negative energy photons enter the BEC and imbue dark mode polariton BEC with negative energy,

HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: Turns of primary vic coil.
« on December 13th, 09:33 PM by securesupplies »
All Inputs on this part welcome

I have a Order in for Steel Wire that is coated it is rather costly but we will have the right stuff on hand to build these

If you hhave the Brain and Skills to make a Super cap  put out HVDC to Meyer Injector Signal with a dcdc control of the Caps
it would be a good replacement cheaper and perform better than VIC
for sparking injector some of us are workign on that at this time , chime in if you have idea on  building such equivalent

HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: Turns of primary vic coil.
« on December 13th, 09:31 PM by securesupplies »
So Now we have totally Avoided the Purpose of Thread Back to it .

Total Transformer Ratio                   1 : 30
Power Out                                        20,000 to 90000 volts Stan Says 45,000  ( Hermann Anderson  Says 75000 Volts)
Primary Voltage               V
Secondary Voltage             V
Rated LV Current              A
Rated Hv Current              A
Cold Resistence HV Winding     mOhm
Cold Resistence Lw Winding     mOhm
Hot Resistence HV Winding       mOhm
Hot Resistence Lw Winding       mOhm
Total Wire Length                                5901.867089   inches /   491.8222575   feet
Total Coil Resistance                          20.07126633   ohms

Primary Number of Winds  Inside Bobbin 
Bifilar  yes or no
Wire Gauge (AWG)
Number of Layers                     35.84
Number Turns Per Layer            81.76
Primary Resistance                  3.6 ohms
WIRE GAUGE                          25 Gauge
Skin Effect                                    107 Khz

Secondary Number of Winds  Out side Bobbin
Bifilar  yes or no
Number of Layers                   
Number Turns Per Layer         
Secondary Resistance             3240 ohms

Wire Gauge (AWG) Stainless steel
Specification we Search For is
Stainless steel wire 430 fr Coated polyamideimide
Specifica guide or nearest option please.
- bare 0.107mm
- Stainless Steel Wire Type 430
- 0.6 ohm*m Resistivity (Physical property of the material)
- 0.107 mm Diameter Bare wire ID
- 37.5 AWG
- 0.131 - 0.137 mm Diameter with coating  OD
- 3600 V breakdown of coating
Build Off Challenges / Re: 2018 PMBO Final Entry Videos! (3 min or less)
« on December 13th, 04:40 PM by GoGravity17 »

Just for fun, happy holidays
HHO / Browns Gas / Hydroxy / Stan Meyer / Re: Turns of primary vic coil.
« on December 13th, 04:15 PM by Matt Watts »
Quote from securesupplies on December 13th, 03:22 AM
This Thread is about build vic bobbin
Well actually, the OP was trying to figure out:
Quote from slobbysh on December 5th, 10:41 AM
Hi, I'm slobbysh, new in the forum. Together with other people we are building various cells but one of the most important problems to solve is this: how many turns should the primary coil have if I want to power it 12 volts?
Which based on what I learned from gpssonar (see second post) is about all the help I can offer, having not done this successfully myself.
Quote from securesupplies on December 13th, 03:22 AM
I am sorry but I am not sure what your motives are here?
I think SafeDog's point is pretty clear.  Unconfirmed Meyer blabber doesn't help anyone.  Not only does it not help, it hinders people trying to weed through it to find real hardcore factual information that will lead them to a solution.
Quote from Lynx on December 13th, 01:16 PM
I actually listened to this, the whole thing.
It would be interesting to check out version 2 of it when it comes out (unless I've missed it altogether that is, if so please point me to it).
I quite like many of Stephan's videos.  His warrior stuff is pretty well done and contains many key points that are worth hearing more than once.  The interview he did explaining what a psychopath is--very much worth listening to.  The major point he makes is the world didn't have to be this way.  We let the wrong creatures take control and now we will be paying the price for that mistake.  And again to SafeDog's point, if we don't figure this out pretty darn quick, our way of life is going to drastically change.  In other words, we can all forget about free energy--just finding something to eat and not freezing to death in the Winter will be priority number one.  There will be no forums, no computers, no shipping companies, no electronic component manufacturing and distribution companies, none of that.  If you don't know exactly how to tear an old TV set or microwave oven apart and harvest the parts you need to build some sort of hydrogen or electrical generation device, you're screwed.  And unfortunately, we are a long ways away from being able to do that.  I'm not sure with a blank check I could do it, or anyone else I know for that matter.  If there is someone out there that knows something, now's the time to spread the word.  Once the Internet and all the easy means of mass communication are gone, everybody is on the own to fend for themselves.

But none of that can happen right?  The bankers can just keep hitting the zero key, printing more worthless money and everything will be just fine.  Nothing will change.  We'll keep burning oil and coal, driving our cars, buying stuff online.  Seriously people, you need to crawl inside the head of these crazies and see what they see.  You won't think you're so safe.