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I been watching YT videos on the pmbo comps and decided to finally try a high rpm motor. I hesitated for a long while because of the exotic coils being made. I said lets get a hall sensor out of a dc brushless fan (40mm), connector up to a larger drive fet, wrap a simple coils and give it a spin. A few days playing with it I was just above 1Mrpm. Never got a video of it, then it sat on the shelf for 2 years, then I saw another video and dug out the project again. Decided to update my drive circuit by adding a pre driver to drive the gate and as an option build an identical second driver for push/pull. I tried the push/pull but it really did not improve on what I was doing, probably never was doing it correctly, not sure, might revisit it again.

I broke my personal record with 1,140,901rpm, 19.02KHz, maximum ball equator speed = 668mph (979kph) and 3.64 million G's at the equator, at that point, the ball has a slight issue at that point in time. :bliss: Before getting to a million rpm, around 8~900,000, if ran long enough, the ball would wear down it silver coating and sometime shed its chrome skin. :cleaning:

I made my first video and put a little incorrect data (lower mph numbers) do to me thinking I was using a 3mm ball, when it was 5mm. Here is my corrected video:
It is burning about 30W (5V, 6A).

My thoughts on coils with my little experience. Reading "The density of flux lines is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source", I figured no need to make a large coil (although those starship coils do look very interesting), a simple 10~15 turn one inch diam coil made in 20 seconds exceeded the 5mm balls rpm capability. 0rpm to explosion is about 2.2 seconds in these 5mm neo balls.

I have a few ideas on higher rpm, parts are ordered. More info here:

FYI, I have two layers of protection to my face and three layers to my eyes, kids, dont try this at home, leave it to the professionals. :deathstar:

Open-Source Ideas / Re: Circuits powered by chaos
« on March 25th, 06:13 PM by Matt Watts »
That's some pretty cool stuff right there Lynx.  Nice find!  :thumbsup:

I need to play with this for a while.  Have a hunch it would explain a few things I hadn't looked at very close.
Open-Source Ideas / Circuits powered by chaos
« on March 25th, 01:11 PM by Lynx »
What if inductors, chokes, cores, coils, plate capacitors, etc, etc, were to be powered by chaotically amplified signals?

I'm willing to bet that things that which we call anti gravity, space crunchers, warp drives, star gates, and then some, would stand a much better chance of ever seeing the light of the day if chaos were to be made to govern voltages and currents in such experimental circuits of sort.

Google showed me Chua's circuit, which would make for quite an excellent basic such chaos generating circuit, which then could be used as a "signal" source for the amplifiers at hand.
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I wonder if 5G is going to be a hit at all, since it is a phased array. You can boil brains with it and it will get surpassed by something better like quantum entanglement technology. That is going to be instant and limitless.

I gave up facebook and decided to meet people in more analogical ways. Has been working well, except for my liver...

I am trying to find a replacement for gmail, but need to replace every place I have my gmail accounts as pwd recovery. I do have many domains and I can use them for email. Google does not give you free email for nothing...

Richard Varley's Works Like Tesla like Stanley Meyers
Recently HArish a Froum Member in another group discover these old papers
could this be ultra sonic on top of a choked voltage ? LIKe THIS

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Off Topic / Re: Alternatives to Facebook
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Old schools  ham radio internet , some times it is best to go backwards,
as tech has moved so fast simple things are now complex to do for the un trained  LOL

Whos Who

Seams to be several versions here is one I found
how many and which versions is stan mentioned in >

1991 to 1992

and again 1993 to 1996 '

need checking this  photo copies or  uploads of  Stans pages in book
and or content/ index ,  welcome

Admiral Griffin